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ASA to spend $18,000 on reusable water bottles

ASA has canceled the contract with Pathway for the water bottles. Find an amended story here. Last spring, the Augustana Student Association passed a resolution to purchase 10,000 aluminum water bottles for $18,000 in a partnership with a recyclable water bottle company, Pathway, to promote sustainability on campus. This year’s senate is struggling with poor…

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Businesses should choose sustainable Black Friday alternatives

Everyone knows what comes after Thanksgiving. No, it’s not Christmas. It’s Black Friday, the event of the year where people charge to stores to feast upon great prices the day after they feasted upon great food.  Recently, some companies have replaced their Black Friday deals with a “Green Friday’’ approach.  According to an article by…

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Rec Services changes weight room dress code

Crop tops are now considered acceptable attire in the weight room according to Rec Service’s new policy.  Under the new policy, if a student wears a shirt that exposes a significant amount of skin, they will be required to use a towel between themselves and the equipment. Mark Hecht, the director of Recreational Services, said…

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Heating problems fixed in East and Granskou

Many students shivered this October as Granskou and East Halls experienced issues with heating early in the month. The heat in both buildings has been restored and the problem has been fixed. East Hall director Kelsey Beznoska said that the root of the problem in East was a crack in the condensate return line. Granskou’s…

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Augie Access students not on homecoming ballot

Augie Access seniors were not included on the royalty ballot for Viking Days earlier this school year. While most Augie Access seniors said they did not mind, many students and staff said they hope the students in the program will be included in future years and that the Viking Days committee will make changes to…

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Campus collaborates with brewing company for Augustana beer

Augustana’s Brew ‘N Gold beer, developed in partnership with Remedy Brewing Company, became available for purchase at Remedy and select stores in October during Augustana’s Viking Days football season. The Brew ‘N Gold beer is the first of many collaborations between Augustana and various brewing companies. According to biology professor Stephanie Bruggeman, Remedy decided this…

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Psychological thriller exceeds genre expectations

This year has seen a flood of thriller and horror films, and while some have fallen flat, the new movie “The Menu” shows the genre at its high point. Directed by Mark Mylod (“Succession,” “Shameless”), the movie mixes dark comedy and thrills to engage viewers and shine a spotlight on society. “The Menu” follows foodie Tyler…

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