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Advice to freshmen from seniors

With close to a record breaking amount of freshmen on campus this year, here is what some Augustana seniors would wish they could tell their freshman selves. Sara Alhasnawi, ASA president and biochemistry and Spanish double major “Looking back at my freshman self, I would have encouraged myself to go to more campus events, to […]

Augustana welcomes 553 freshmen to campus

Freshman enrollment this fall was the second largest in Augustana’s history, with 553 total incoming freshmen joining Augustana’s campus.  As campus infrastructure grows with new residence halls and renovations to existing buildings, enrollment is pushing to bring in even more students in the future. As part of the Viking Bold strategic plan, the goal is…

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Zach’s highlight reel

Texas A&M Aggies against Arkansas Razorbacks In the football game between the Texas A&M Aggies and the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday, Sept. 24, the Aggies were down by 7 with the Razorbacks threatening to score. The Aggies needed a big defense play, and boy did they get it. On a first-and-goal, the Razorbacks tried a…

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Baby names keep getting weirder

Parents’ announcements of their babies’ arrival into the world have flooded my social media feed as of late. Unfortunately, the accompanying pictures of the squishy newborns are not what make me do a double take — it’s the infants’ perplexing names.  While many modern parents are giving their children questionable names, kids should receive a…

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Campus green improvements continue

The campus green will continue to see improvements this academic year after beginning renovations this past spring and summer. The future plan for the green is centered around multipurpose use with a significant emphasis on recreational services. Renovations of the green began back in April 2022. In order to create an open area, numerous trees…

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Neuroscience minor available to students

Anna Bauman and Sean Lemke didn’t plan to study neuroscience. Now, both Augustana seniors have almost completed a neuroscience minor.  The two were introduced to the field as freshmen. Bauman took a neuroscience-themed FYS course and became fascinated with the study. She later enrolled in Neurophysiology and continued to join more classes related to the…

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Majors and departments grow with arrival of incoming freshmen

Augustana University welcomed one of its largest incoming classes of undergraduate students this fall with 553 new students, including a total of 92 international students, a new record for the university.  The increase in the number of incoming students has led to significant growth in some departments. The business department saw a nearly 50% increase…

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Patagonia paves way for corporate response to climate change

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022, Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard gave away the company’s net worth of $3 billion to fight climate change, stating, “Earth is now our only shareholder” home. Patagonia created this new ownership strategy to prioritize its core values and tackle the environmental crisis as a private company.  With this new ownership strategy,…

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