Fake dorm plants are better than real ones

Living in a dorm is interesting to say the least. For many, life completely changes from what we’re accustomed to.

Each person tends to decorate their rooms to feel more homely. Some scatter the walls with pictures of friends and family while others show off artwork. Occasionally, one can see the wilting shadow of a dying plant perched on the window sill, begging for sunlight. Rather than having a half-dead houseplant, having some faux plants will liven up a room without any of the maintenance or worry.

Prior to moving to school, I could barely keep a regular bouquet of flowers alive, and that was when I was living with my family. I would often be so busy with activities or homework that I’d forget to water it, but luckily someone else would. The plants had a chance when I wasn’t the only one looking after them. 

Since moving to school, my roommate and I have had a plant collection set up on our window sill. A couple small succulent plants in cute animal vases and a leafy green thing neither of us can identify decorate our shared space. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a solid two weeks where we forgot to water them, but somehow they still survived. 

As much as having plants makes us feel more at home, I don’t have the mental capacity to keep them alive, which is why I wholeheartedly believe that faux plants are the way to go. 

A college student’s schedule is constantly changing. Sometimes we even forget to drink water. How are we supposed to care for both ourselves and the plants if we can’t keep up with even our bare human necessities? 

For those looking to decorate their dorm rooms with a fun faux plant, leafy vines are the way to go. The plastic on the vines may not be the best quality depending on where you buy them, and fake vines may shed more leaves than real plants, but they still brighten up a space without any of the maintenance of real vines. 

One exception I can make is keeping cacti. Cacti are like having a little daily reminder not to be a prick. Cacti don’t require much attention. 

The best kind of plants to keep in a college dorm, though, are the faux ones. If you have your life together and can keep a plant alive, go ahead, but for those of us who are incapable, plastic plants are the way to go. Or if you’re like me, you’ll want a little cactus for the daily reminder. 

College kids already have enough on their plate as is. Make their life a little more bright by giving them a bunch of their favorite faux flowers. 

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