Senior athletes reflect on their final season for the Vikings

PJ English
Cross country

What is one of your favorite team memories? 

“We go to team camp every year. We go on a trip out to the Black Hills with just the cross country team, and we stay in a cabin with sleeping bags and bunk beds, and it’s rustic and super fun. We go on a hike, it’s a run, up Black Elk Peak, the highest point east of the Rocky Mountains. It really sets the stage for the team cohesiveness that we have throughout the entirety of the season.”

What has been has been an impactful moment for you? 

“Last year, we, as a women’s team, placed third in the nation. To be in the top four is an extremely coveted finish, and that’s something that we had been striving for as a program since before my time. Finishing third last year was extraordinary.”

What hopes do you have for the team after you leave? 

“I hope that the team continues to chase big goals and continues to be all-in in terms of cross country and in track, too. I would just encourage people to not be afraid to chase big goals. Keep respecting each other, keep believing in each other, keep uplifting each other, and you’ll go a really long way.”

What are your plans following graduation? 

“I have applied to law schools, and I’m planning to go to law school somewhere in the Midwest.”

Maddy Guetter

What have you enjoyed most about your time on the team?  

“My teammates. Over the last four years here, I’ve just made my best friends, and they’ve been on my team, and we live together now. Also, just the competition level. College volleyball is just so fast and so competitive, and we play in a really competitive conference, so that’s just been really fun.”

What has been an impactful moment for you?  

“In the past two years in the conference tournament, we had two very big upsets first round. That was really fun because it’s something that we all came together just to overcome.”

What hopes do you have for the team after you leave? 

“I hope that they can continue to keep pushing further and further in the conference tournament, so just keep trying to push those limits and knowing that we have to work hard to get in there, especially in our conference. With this next generation coming through, and these freshmen that won’t be red-shirted, I hope that they can find a fun team dynamic and make some good friends, so that way they can just play together on the court and be a happy team.”

What are your plans following graduation? 

“I’m hoping to move to the Twin Cities area and pursue a career in marketing and leadership, probably in project management or account management in a marketing advertising firm.”

Andrew Henrich

What has been has been an impactful moment for you? 

“It’s probably just being in the locker room with the guys. It’s always been a really fun locker room to be a part of, you know, plenty of jokes and just messing around.”

What hopes do you have for the team after you leave? 

“I think we’ve kind of set a new standard. Before, we were just kind of happy with going and having a winning season, and now the standard is to get into the playoffs. I hope that stays with the team and they can have a few more playoff runs in the next few years.”

Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen football players? 

“The first year is always tough. You’ve got to kind of stick it out for the first year, and then you’ll meet some great people, and you’ll have a great time. Get past the first fall camp, and then it’s pretty good from there. Enjoy it because it goes fast. No matter how long it seems, it goes really fast.”

Ashley Ask

What have you enjoyed most about your time on the team?  

“Every single year I made more friends and created more memories. I am so thankful for the friendships and hilarious memories I got throughout my time on the team.”

Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen soccer players?  

“Embrace the challenges you will have over your four years at Augie. There will be days when you will have a hard time and want to give up, but it builds so much character.

“Coming to Augie, I thought I would have some hard times but didn’t realize how much I would learn and grow. I am thankful for these experiences because, although they challenged me every day, they made me into the young adult I am now. In all seriousness, though, the way Augie challenges you sets you up for so much success down the road.”

What are your plans following graduation? 

“For me, my future is dental school. I have had interviews, but I won’t hear back from schools until late December, so I don’t know where I will be location-wise next year, but I will be at dental school somewhere in the USA.”

Abbey is a junior at Augustana University. She currently serves as the ASA reporter.

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