Zach’s Highlight Reel

Nebraska Cornhuskers at Michigan Wolverines 

Saturday, Nov. 12 — Leading 24-3, the Wolverines were looking to put the game away and did so in wild fashion. From the 29-yard line, the Wolverines faked a run and quarterback J.J. McCarthy threw the ball to receiver Ronnie Bell. Bell proceeded to break multiple tackles, but right before he dove into the endzone, he lost control of the ball. A giant scrum ensued as both sides wrestled for the ball. Andrel Anthony, another Michigan receiver, was able to recover the fumbled ball in the endzone, and it was ultimately ruled a touchdown. The Wolverines went on to win 34-3.

Watch the play here!

Minnesota Vikings at Buffalo Bills

Sunday, Nov. 13 — Trailing 27-23 with under two minutes to play, the Vikings needed to pick up a first down. Quarterback Kirk Cousins took the snap and looked to his right. He threw a jump ball up to receiver Justin Jefferson. At first, it looked like a Bills defender might have had the ability to intercept the ball, but Jefferson ripped the ball away from the defender with just one hand as they were falling to the ground. The Vikings would go on to win 33-30 in one of the wildest overtime games I have ever seen.

Watch the play here!

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