Trae Harrell appointed Director of Video and Creative Content

Trae Harrell was named Augustana athletics’s director of video and creative content by Augustana athletic director Josh Morton on Aug. 6.

Harrell’s history as a videographer started his sophomore year of college doing small productions then moving up to assistant director at Wingate University in North Carolina. While there, he was conducting production as head director and producer with ESPN3 video streams and events. 

“At Wingate, I mostly did production instead of being on the sidelines,” Harrell said. “It took a lot of my attention away from where I wanted to be.”

While at Augustana, Harrell wants to create videos with 100% quality and a professional look. To achieve these quality videos, he is looking to build a bond with athletes and their connection with the sport.  

“I knew I wanted to enter something that could produce content on the sidelines with a small community,” Harrell said. 

After hearing about Augustana he knew that what he wanted would be provided here. Harrell will create video game recaps, promotional videos and more. 

Harrell will be recording games as they are happening, catching everything play by play. So far he has provided recaps of football and soccer. He is also looking into creating a “behind the scenes” series to see how teams prepare for games and what happens during practice. 

“It won’t always be consistent in every sport across the way, but we’ll get every sport involved somehow, someway,” Ryan Hilgemann, assistant athletic director for communications, said.

One of Harrell’s goals is to help Augustana get the media attention for recruiting students. He said promoting Augustana’s sports in a new way could help shed some light on Augustana’s values.

Recruiting can be a long process of research, watching the team play together, talking to coaches and touring the school. Augustana has twenty sports for students to participate in while they are on campus. Harrell can make it easy for others to see what the values of the school are through his videos. 

“I want to show that media attention for recruits, and I really want to push that here,” Harrell said. 

Having media promotion for Augustana can help with sponsorships, recruitment and keeping everyone informed. 

Harrell is bringing his high-energy personality to the table not only for students but faculty as well. 

“He is a breath of fresh air that I love to have in our office with us,” Hilgemann said.

Harrell’s videos can be accessed through the GoAugie sports page and the teams’ social media pages.

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