Q&A: Gibson on his football season

Redshirt Junior Trevor Gibson is in his third season playing for the football team. Gibson graduated from Skutt Catholic High School in Omaha, Neb. He is a wide receiver.

How is your season?

It definitely hasn’t been the same as getting to play an actual fall season. We all miss getting to play against other teams, but otherwise it has been a good fall season. There’s been a lot of good competition and we’re lucky we even got to practice.

What changes have you overcome?

Not having games and also just needing to be flexible have been the biggest changes. With COVID-19, our plans can change in a second and so we have had to really be ready for anything since this all started.

Any hopes for spring gameplay?

We’re really hoping a spring season works. Whether it’s one or four or 10 games we just want to play against somebody else. We’re working and preparing for it now so hopefully it happens and we get the chance to play.

 How have you grown as a team?

We’ve managed to get a lot closer as a team through this whole year. Being apart for so long and finally being back together we’ve taken advantage of the opportunity and really just grown closer as a team. It has really helped the team fully come together this fall.

What’s your plan after this season?

We will get back to lifting and running to get ready for next year. Whether it’s in the spring or next fall we’re working to be ready for whoever we get to play next.

What was the best part of this season?

Just the chance to be able to play football. We missed out on getting to play at all in the spring so it was fun to play football again and be with teammates that we didn’t get to see since March. 

What personal struggles did you encounter?

I would say getting back into football shape and actually playing football again was the toughest thing. We went about nine months without actually getting to play real football so it was a bit of an adjustment to get back into.

How have you dealt with not competing?

It was really tough at first and then this fall watching other colleges and high schools play across the country. But after a while you just have to accept that this is the reality of things right now and deal with it. This fall season we had was a really good opportunity to improve in a lot of areas that I needed. So while it has been tough, I’ve just been taking advantage of the opportunities we get to make the most of the whole situation.

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