Bollweg: What it’s like to be a conservative woman at AU

Madison Bollweg

A person would think that being a conservative woman on a college campus would not have its struggles; however, that is not necessarily the case.

What I’ve learned in my almost two years on campus is that intellectual diversity is absent, feminists aren’t for all women — based on the way they treat conservative women — and one may be disliked for views and beliefs. For all of these reasons and more, I brought an organization to campus this fall, Network of Enlightened Women (NeW), which serves as a network of conservative women to help educate, equip and empower other women to be principled leaders of a free society.

College tends to be the time in a person’s life when they start to figure out who they truly are, what they want to do in their life and what they believe in. Many times, their own families will have a huge influence on many of those decisions, and other times, they stray out on their own path and decide for themselves.

I grew up in a conservative family with a few family members working in federal and state government, one of which was the secretary for George W. Bush. As I grew older, I participated in government clubs, got involved in parliamentary procedure, paged in the state Legislature and worked on many successful campaigns, including for our new governor Kristi Noem.

As I headed off for college, it never crossed my mind that being a conservative at a private university in South Dakota, a primarily red state, would have its struggles. I was wrong. It all began as I started working as an intern for the state party doing small jobs here and there, as well as some small speaking events. 

A common question I would get was, “Where do you work?” I would respond with, “I’m an intern for the South Dakota Republican Party.” The most common response I would get back is, “How could you ever support them? They are racists and white supremacists.” 

The first couple times I heard these remarks, I was in awe and completely shocked. I always thought that those people were jealous and to never let what they said get to me. Then it started to become name-calling, losing friends because of political affiliation and being known as “the conservative woman on campus.”

Again, I thought it wouldn’t get any worse until the summer of 2020 when the riots and Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement started to take root. I had gotten messages on my social media outlets asking why I didn’t support BLM and even ended up with a message, stating, “If you support the president and what he’s doing, you’re a racist, bigot, and full of hatred. We will find you and come hunt you down.” 

As I continued to get blasted for my beliefs, I realized the one thing I could continue to do is to be bold, be confident, stay true to my spiritual beliefs, promote intellectual diversity (which becomes harder to do on a private campus) and speak the truth.

Being a conservative woman on a liberal campus and speaking up for what I believe in is a minority in itself. This is just my story, and I know there are more of these bold and confident women on campus. It’s just how willing they are to come forward and not be afraid to speak up and speak out despite how unpopular it may be.

Despite our political affiliation, we must all remain respectful of each other’s beliefs and remember the importance of intellectual diversity and how great it is that we are all unique and have our own perspectives.

  1. Girl what is this? Why do you want to be such a minority? ALSO! You know how uncomfortable it is when you and most of the conservatives come into campus wearing your “Life Runner” merch? Putting up fake cemeteries in the campus green? Putting up ultrasounds in the commons? Chalking the campus begging for us to “remember the unborn” when most of us can’t even afford to keep ourselves afloat? You care about no one’s feelings but yourselves. I personally do not know you, so my judgment is based on this article. You have been seen parading around campus, supporting a person who is KNOWN for his racist, ableist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and pedophilic remarks, and expect respect? Not on my watch. I don’t think you deserve whatever threats you have received, however, having very open political views come with backlash from the other end. Liberals get it too girl. Grow up, take it like a women, and move on.

  2. No one should be tolerant of intolerable beliefs/practices. It undermines the principle of tolerance and makes the one tolerating the intolerable just as immoral. I suggest you read “Repressice Tolerance” by Herbert Marcuse. Folks don’t want to be your friend because your beliefs have genuine ramifications on their lives.

  3. Jose Angel Cruz Medina Avatar
    Jose Angel Cruz Medina

    All I have to say is that Maddie is a good person, deep down! If you get to talk to her she actually cares about you…the points made by Casey and Grace are EXTREMELY relevant. I think this article just shows the rhetoric of the right, which have their downfalls, along with the left… but when it comes to SPECIFICALLY supporting DT, to me that is a slap on the face. I care about everyone and their opinions, but when it comes to rights that aren’t being given to us and supporting those who want to keep it this way, makes me want to rethink talking to you. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinions, but when an “opinion” oppresses others, it’s a direct attack on me as a queer, son of immigrants, and Latinx person. I wish we could talk about this more and hold a conversation to try and better understand each other! Remember BLM, Immigrants are being tortured in the south, indigenous womxn are going missing, our queer folx are under attack, and people deserve to live without fear! Much love! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Understand, I tried to give this article the benefit of the doubt, but I just need to respond. You said, “Being a conservative woman on a liberal campus and speaking up for what I believe in is a minority itself” Please don’t use the word minority to back up what you have gone through at Augustana because that is just a slap to the face to those who actually are minorities. Those being Black/African Americans, Identify as LGBTQ, Native Americans, Latinx and International students are already at a disadvantage when being at this institution and living in this world. Regarding your political beliefs, try being one of so few BLACK liberal students who constantly have to justify why the BLM movement is so necessary, why George Floyd & Breonna Taylor deserve justice, why women should be able to make the decision for what they get to do to their bodies not old white men, why the protest/riots are built up anger and was bound to happen, why your governor and president are incompetent leaders that really don’t care about your life let alone my life. As a man, I acknowledge you as a woman that you already have a disadvantage in this world because you’re a woman, and I truly believe that is a problem, but don’t use Augustana Mirror as a platform to share your political beliefs, because in my opinion, it’s not even about your political affiliation/beliefs, it’s about having the common respect and human decency for human lives, which are at stake because of the person you support.

  5. Hello everyone. I have gotten to know the girl who made this post well since we’ve been in college. We have incredibly different political views, but never once has Maddie let that get in the way of our friendship. She respects all sides, and while hers may be different than yours she will never judge you or make hateful comments against you for anything you believe. This girl is incredible, and has an incredible heart. She may have a different way she supports others than you, but she cares about the people living here and the only reason she’s involved in politics is to do good. I’ve noticed Instagram stories, people bashing her, and these comments trashing her and tearing her argument apart. I know a lot of you disagree with Maddie’s points. That’s okay and I know Maddie would never judge you for your political beliefs, as she’s never judged me. I am extremely disappointed in how people are bashing her and what these comments say. Maddie is a good person, and in our time at college together, I have seen countless instances where people say awful things to her because of her beliefs.

    Maddie had someone from the mirror approach her and ask her to write a conservative piece for this site. She decided to write about something that she has gone through, and I think instead of trying to tear her argument apart we should really think more about building each other up and understanding that while you may be very different people, at the end of the day we have more in common than we do different.

    Also, just a friendly reminder that America was founded on compromise. Every year, month, day, and minute this country’s political parties seem to spread farther and farther apart, and we need to once again focus on working together to fight for what’s best for all Americans, as it’s the only way we will ever get anything productive done.

  6. Dude what comprise? The 3/5ths

  7. “Intellectual diversity is absent.”

    Intellectual diversity does not mean what you think it does if you think it is absent. Intellectual diversity is an element of creativity whereby societies, organizations, teams and processes that have diverse thinkers are more likely to generate diverse ideas. Augustana has some of the most creative and diverse thinkers I have ever met, and it is insulting to insinuate otherwise.

    “Feminists aren’t for all women — based on the way they treat conservative women.”

    Sorry, its not just the women that they treat that way. Conservative beliefs generally don’t adhere to the very real glass ceiling, so any man, woman, or child who doesn’t want equity for women will be at odds with the contemporary feminist movement.

    “And one may be disliked for views and beliefs.”

    Okay? That’s just life. You don’t have to like it, but you also shouldn’t complain when other people dislike you for your beliefs. It happens to everyone.

    “I brought an organization to campus this fall, Network of Enlightened Women (NeW), which serves as a network of conservative women.”

    This sounds very demeaning to liberal women. If it were open to all women, I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with the name, but it seems very exclusionary to only call a group of conservatives ‘enlightened.’

    “‘I’m an intern for the South Dakota Republican Party.’ The most common response I would get back is, ‘How could you ever support them? They are racists and white supremacists.’”

    To explain further on the responses you’ve received: the sitting president of the United States is openly xenophobic, has had lawsuits brought against him in the past regarding racist policies in place at his businesses, and will not denounce white supremacy. He IS racist and supportive of white supremacy, and any person who is willing to support him, if not racist themselves, is willing to condone it, which is even more insidious.

    “I always thought that those people were jealous and to never let what they said get to me.”

    If you think they are jealous of you, that says more about you than them. Given that your family works for the federal government, I will assume that you come from a place of privilege (correct me if I’m wrong), so for you to think of someone else as being jealous of you simply because you intern for the South Dakota Republican Party shows that you ARE privileged and that you need to humble yourself.

    “I didn’t support BLM and even ended up with a message, stating, ‘If you support the president and what he’s doing, you’re a racist, bigot, and full of hatred. We will find you and come hunt you down.’”

    First of all, that threat is disgusting and the person who sent it is not representative of all who support BLM. But, to reiterate, the president IS racist, bigoted, and full of hatred, and supporting him is tantamount to, at the very least, condoning his awful behavior, which IS just as bad. And finally, you SHOULD support BLM. All lives cannot matter until EVERYONE believes that Black lives do.

    “Promote intellectual diversity (which becomes harder to do on a private campus) and speak the truth.”

    Again, the term ‘intellectual diversity’ does not mean what you think it does. Also, you MUST know the difference between what is opinion and what is ‘truth.’ Lived experience is truth. Your beliefs are opinion.

    “Being a conservative woman on a liberal campus and speaking up for what I believe in is a minority in itself.”

    I will echo what has already been said: you are white. You are in no way a minority and you will never know what it is like to be a minority. Please do not think of yourself in that way.

    To close, I will say this: your article speaks with an incredible sense of victimhood. Normally, I would never shame the victim, but seeing as you have victimized yourself, I have no problem with it. You say unpopular things and don’t like when people respond with criticism. Rather than move on or, say, challenge your belief system, you write an entire article talking about how hard it is to be a conservative on a liberal campus.

  8. Here’s a great article about why difference of opinion and diversity of thought do not apply everywhere.

  9. This woman was asked to write an article. You people that are bashing her and sending threats, best look at yourselves in a mirror. Your lives must be so pathetic that you have to sent a threat to a fellow Augie student?
    It’s an opinion! You are entitled to respond, but you are not entitled to send threats.
    I know this woman, and she will gladly agree or disagree with you in a conversation, but always out of complete RESPECT with one another.
    Let people speak, but do so like responsible adults attending Augustana should, and not out of hatred.

  10. It’s so easy to send negative responses to someone you don’t know. So easy to threaten someone you don’t know. So easy to respond hateful things to someone you don’t know. Thats what cowards do, it’s what unintelligent people do. It’s what victims do. If your offended by someone’s opinion, then you are all the above. Your part of the problem. If you can’t accept the opinion of someone in a grown up way, well your maybe not ready for the grown up world.
    If you knew anything at all about Maddie, you’d know that she is very smart, compassionate and would do anything she could to help you in any way if you needed it, regardless your political views, your religious beliefs, your color or gender, she would be there to help you. That’s the kind of person Maddie is. My opinion on her article is that it is a great article, it’s her opinion. All the criticism is ridiculous. If you disagree with her then go have a conversation with her. You’ll see it’s ok to disagree without being a hateful worthless POS.
    I hope all those who are harassing her with threats have repercussions for their actions. Maybe go back home to your mommy and daddy and learn some respect. Shame on you and shame on you Augustana if you allow your students to be threatened by other students.

  11. As an acquaintance of Maddie’s as well as a mom of a college student I find myself appalled at how it’s so easy for young adults and frankly even those much older to be so disrespectful to others opinions. I have found that being a conservative anymore is met with hate and anger. Don’t generalize that all conservatives are racist and don’t want everyone to succeed. The majority want everyone to prosper as did our founding leaders many years ago! Maddie is a genuinely caring person and was trying to bring a face to the minority that is not being represented on college campuses across the country. That doesn’t mean she isn’t caring toward those on the left, racial minorities or the LGBTQ community. If you sat with her and had a respectful conversation you could agree to disagree but still have the knowledge of what each of you stands for. Instead you make assumptions based on what you see and hear from the majority of the media outlets. Go out and do your research on each parties platforms and how that will impact the nation long term. Listen to the other side of the argument to gain more understanding instead of generalizing. Again, we might not agree. As for Maddie she has made her decisions based on what she values. She was asked to write on them and she did just that! I am proud of her for putting herself out there! If you believe in what you stand for then get out and put that into something as Maddie has done!

  12. I do know Maddie, but knowing her does not change the fact that this article is demeaning to actual minorities on campus. It does not matter how “good” she is when she writes something that victimizes herself and makes light of the struggle actual minorities on campus face. I am not going to write out everything wrong with this article as many of our peers have already pointed out the bulk of ignorance here. I will say that I am appalled at the language Maddie used here and I think she owes an apology to the actual minorities at Augustana. Being white, cis, heterosexual, of a higher class, and having ties to the government does not make you a minority in South Dakota. Your privilege is showing, Maddie. Check it before you write things so blatantly disrespectful.

  13. Considering your generous reminder that South Dakota is a majority red state, I assume you were looking to come into an institution that affirmed your beliefs instead of challenged them, and I’m glad that’s not what you found here. Augustana admin aims to be fair, not neutral — whether it accomplishes this or not is for students and staff to judge, but I think our professors (for their part) do an excellent job creating a learning environment that is fair, not neutral. By fair, I mean that our profs promote meaningful engagement by encouraging all students to bring their beliefs to bear in good faith, when appropriate, and by encouraging all students to speak up when they disagree. Neutrality, by contrast, is meaningless. If your education consists of you and your classmates sharing your opinions without possibility of disagreement or disapproval, you have no education.

    It should go without saying, but your opinion is not virtuous or sacrosanct in its own right. You can hold it, share it, etc. but if it promotes harm or upholds exploitative systems, I promise that folks will tell you so (as is evident in this comment section). And they should; if we all smile politely when someone says or does something antithetical to our values, we have no meaningful civic life. It’s not merely that we dislike your opinions, it’s that we refuse to idly listen to you refute BLM when our friends and neighbors are under near-constant threat of violence from the state and from folks who espouse neutrality.

    The Mirror gave you the opportunity to speak on behalf of conservative women on campus and… honestly, what you’re advocating for here is too vague to hold much ground. Basically what I’ve put together (and I think this is a faithful assessment, BLM incident considered) is this: Please turn the other way when I advocate for something you think is harmful. For someone who clearly values exchanging opinions (“intellectual diversity” count: 3), this should surely seem out of line to you. If your sole response to someone challenging your stance is to be “bold and confident” regardless, then I’m not sure what you hope to gain from your time at Augustana other than a piece of paper.

    I’ve never met you, Madison, but I truly hope you read through the responses to your post (except for the anon POS one, yeesh) and really consider them — not in neutrality, but in fairness. Also, if you think that the BLM movement “took root” this year, I encourage you to look into the history of BLM. It’s arguably the most important movement in the U.S. and abroad, it’s not new, and everyone (regardless of political affiliation) should be informed on its history, values, and aims.

  14. Many Americans, including apparently yourself, lack the understanding that freedom to speak does not include freedom to be listened to. You are allowed to believe what you like and spread those ideas, but that doesn’t mean people have to like those ideas. People have just as much of a right to point out that you are supporting racists and white supremacists as you have to support those racists and white supremacists. The appeal to intellectual diversity also doesn’t work. Intellectual diversity does not mean that all held views should be treated as valid. It is possible to have diverse thinkers produce diverse ideas without supporting racism, white supremacy, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, or any other repugnant idea commonly held by conservatives.
    If people don’t want to be friends with you because your political views are awful, then that is their right. Your ideas aren’t entitled to respect, and they aren’t valid simply because you hold them. Maybe if you spent less time pulling the victim card and more time educating yourself on the real issues, your views would change. It’s a shame that the Mirror gave this article spot to you and not a member of a real minority who faces real oppression.

  15. Ok a lot of you are saying “she was asked to write an article”. Okay and? She was asked to put herself there and isn’t expecting some sort of response? You would be DENSE to think this would be the case. I don’t know the girl but what I do know is if you want to share your opinion, you must take the response to that. I would expect comments like this on an article from a Liberal on campus too! Stop playing a victim and toughen up!

  16. What Liberal campus are you talking about? Our campus safety literally wears Blue Lives Matter masks and the campus allows a prolife week where we are forced to look a fake cemetery for fake fetuses and allows not one but two student Trump supporting groups. I don’t see how a campus can get more conservative.

  17. A lot of these comments from you arrogant, impolite people are politically and not read with the right mentality. This post was not made to make maddie seem as if she is a “minority” but comparing that to how it is to be a conservative feminist women, who aims to treat ALL women fairly. I am ashamed that those who express their feelings with anger and hate are not expelled at once. You have every right in the world to express your opinion. But don’t you dare even attempt to if you can’t do it while being polite and respectful, and by communicating skills. You cannot take political classes, groups, etc, if you can’t communicate about it. These comments are not communication. They are deteriorating to ones esteem and confidence. You should be ashamed of yourself and maybe in the future you make wiser choices.

  18. So many negative, hateful responses to the article that Maddie was asked to write show the ignorance of the commenters. People are so uninformed today and choose to not learn both sides of an issue. Your negative responses go along with exactly what we are seeing around the country today. If someone disagrees with someone, they respond with hateful comments or threats or violence.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! Even if we don’t agree with it!! As a conservative female, it baffles me how you could support the Democrat party but guess what?? That is your opinion and you are entitled to it!! The exact same things you think about President Trump and how you cannot believe that we would support him…believe us, we think about Biden and Harris and how in the world you could support them.
    Maddie was raised how many of us were raised…to respect other’s opinions even if they differ with your own. She is kind, smart, genuine and would love to have intelligent discourse with those who are mature and grown-up enough to handle it. To those of you who are not mature enough yet, go do your homework so you can have an informed intelligent conversation someday.
    We all get to have freedom of speech but you do not get to threaten other students. Many of you are acting like spoiled little brats who need to go back home to your parents basement and learn some manners and respect. I hope Augustana is addressing the hateful comments and threats shown towards Maddie. I am so proud of you, Maddie, for standing up for what you believe in!!

  19. Some of these people commenting clearly don’t know what Maddie meant by minority. She meant that she is in the minority of beliefs at AU. Being a Conservative is a minority political belief on an otherwise liberal campus. Reading comprehension helps, folks!

  20. I work with a group of men that come from all different races, religions, and backgrounds. This group of men may have different political views, religious beliefs, or different skin colors. We all serve for a common goal, to keep each man in our special operations group safe. We serve this country in ways no one on this can understand. We get in fights sometimes, we argue with each other over dumb things, we may be sore at one another for some time, but if something were to ever happen, I can trust that each one of these men would do their absolute best to keep the other safe from harm so we can all make it home to our families, girlfriends, wives, children, etc. We may have our differences but never will we wish harm upon one another or threaten one another for a difference we may not agree with. The comments on here make me sick. Anyone who wishes harm, or calls someone a POS because of their opinion needs a real gut check. People need to start looking inward on themselves, realize that your pride and your arrogance may be the problem. Everyone here needs to realize that you still have things to learn, you’re not all knowing, your opinion isn’t end all be all. Most of you have no knowledge of what the real world is like. Most of you live a fairy tail. Most of you would crumble under any sort of circumstance where you feel threatened. Most of you have no respect, honor, dignity, or integrity. You hide your insecurities behind a smile. Most of you put on faces before you go to class because you’re afraid of what people think of you. The people that are bashing Maddie are the most insecure. You bash her opinion just to make yourself feel high and mighty. You lack all respect for anyone else. You’re selfish and only care about your self imagine. You care more about your social status than others. You that have been posting negatively….you are toxic. You are the problem. Fix your fricken selves.

  21. I absolutely agree! Madison was asked to write her article and she did a very good job telling how it is. As a student here I know how difficult it can be to be in her shoes. I’m proud of her and she does Not deserve to be threatened because of her beliefs so back off and stop that nonsense!!!

  22. The comments here prove exactly what she’s saying. What a joke colleges have become. How did the richest most powerful country in human history produce the most whiny, intolerant, unintelligent, pathetic generation of people who hate the place they live? it’s mind numbing that a college campus doesn’t have many people capable of respecting and IDEOLOGICAL minority. Yes, the word fits perfectly, as the bigots here who hate conservatives have proven.

  23. THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS!!! Its my experience as well on a liberal college campus and just in life in general. However, I am very fortunate that I have friends on all political sides and some are very very left. Nothing wrong with that! And they’re my best friends. Keep being you, ignore the bullshit that’s in the majority of these comments. Who has the energy for that negativity anyways??? I’m proud of you and I support you!! You’re a brave badass woman and don’t let anyone tear you down💪🏼🖤

  24. Lots of folks who don’t attend Augie are commenting the same thing: that college students ~these days~ are “whiny”, entitled, immature, etc. Which is just comical, considering that Madison’s main gripe here is that she has to “struggle” as a conservative woman on campus, and that she expected it to be easier for her at Augie because we’re in a red state (as if that’s any indication of the political atmosphere of a small liberal arts college, lol, what did she expect?) Her piece comes across as extremely entitled and immature, even to the point of accusing her peers of being jealous of her, but your criticisms don’t apply to her because…? Because you don’t actually have justification for accusing young people of being entitled, you just say that to dismiss our ideas.

    But this is all second, really, to the most sinister issue with her piece. She’s shocked that folks think she’s sympathetic (at the least) to white supremacists…but then goes on to dismiss the BLM movement. She doesn’t try to justify this, which is for the best, because there is absolutely no justification. If you do not believe that Black lives matter, you are a white supremacist. She shouldn’t be surprised that people disagree with her, and that we do so on unfriendly terms. There’s no way to disagree civilly with a white supremacist or white supremacist ideation. “Disagree” isn’t even the right word, we vehemently reject white supremacy.

    Also, for all the folks posting anonymously how grateful you are for her sharing her perspective, it’s…very obvious that you’re not students at Augie. Dunno, post your name to prove me wrong, lol.

  25. I’m seeing so much hypocrisy in these comments defending Maddie. Just a few examples:

    Anonymous Says: “Your lives must be so pathetic,” but goes on to say, “agree or disagree … but always out of complete RESPECT.” Is calling others pathetic mean? Yes, but we must RESPECT each other.

    Anonymous Says: “It’s so easy to send negative responses … Thats what cowards do, it’s what unintelligent people do. It’s what victims do. If your offended by someone’s opinion, then you are all the above,” but goes on to say, “Maybe go back home to your mommy and daddy.” Are you calling out others for being offended? Yes. Are you offended? Also yes. So it should stand to reason that all of the things you are saying also apply to you.

    Anonymous Says: “You have every right in the world to express your opinion,” but goes on to say, “You should be ashamed of yourself.” Should I express my opinion, or should I be ashamed of my opinion? You’re giving me mixed signals.

    Anonymous Says: “Your negative responses go along with exactly what we are seeing around the country today. If someone disagrees with someone, they respond with hateful comments,” but goes on to say, “Many of you are acting like spoiled little brats who need to go back home to your parents basement.” Are you the exception to your first quote? According to the second quote, no, you are not, so you should stop acting like it.

    Anonymous Says: “People need to start looking inward on themselves, realize that your pride and your arrogance may be the problem,” but goes on to say, “Most of you live a fairy tail. Most of you would crumble under any sort of circumstance where you feel threatened. Most of you have no respect, honor, dignity, or integrity.” Is this person really condemning arrogance while talking down to others in the same paragraph? Yes.

    It’s hard to take you people seriously when you have such a hard time adhering to the rules that you made up.

  26. As a senior on campus, it is very disheartening for me to see that those who are younger than me can hold such harmful views with such pride, with Maddie going so far as to tell others to, “be bold [and] be confident,” in these views.

    As a freshman, I held the same views that Maddie currently does. I no longer hold these views, and my political compass has flipped 180 degrees from being far right, to now being far left. How does this happen? Exposure. I exposed myself to people who come from all walks of life: people who are Black, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ+, rich people, poor people, religious people, atheists, and everyone in between. I was never told to change my beliefs. I did that on my own because I was willing to sit down with people who were not like me and learn from them.

    So I ask you, who claim to be so willing to speak to all people, no matter what their beliefs are: have you really done this? Have you actually sat down and spoken to the people who are at odds with your own beliefs? If you have, and you still think the way that you do, you are not an open-minded individual.

    Those with open minds do not support the hatred that the Republican party perpetuates.

  27. How can this article want “open conversation” and delete people’s comments? Seems a little fishy Mirror!🤔

  28. You can’t support a racist and not also be a racist. You also can’t expect people to respect your choice of supporting said racist when by doing so you are effectively stating that their lives and identity don’t matter to you.

    The same argument can be made for supporting a homophobe and a transphobe, which you are also doing by supporting Trump (in case you needed that reminder).

  29. Wow. There is so much hate in these comments. It’s crazy that people can accuse someone of being hateful for writing an article about their personal experiences, while they themselves are being hateful.

    Minority, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “a part of a population differing from others in some characteristics and often subjected to differential treatment.”

    Seeing that the campus is majorly democratic and she is being told in the comments that she should be tolerant while the people typing the comments are saying they do not have to be tolerant of her beliefs (for whatever reason) I would say yes, she is a minority on campus.

    Obviously some of the actions taken on campus were extreme. Isn’t rioting extreme too? Aren’t mass protests extreme?

    How can a group of people who believe so strongly in listening to minorities be so hateful?

    My main point,
    Why don’t we try to understand each other before we sling mud? Both sides.

    1. This tall, blonde, skinny, white girl is not oppressed. Stop trying to be oppressed. Also, anonymous above me, both sides have had riots boo. Remember the anti-mask riots, the pro gun riots, literally any Trump rally? But you aren’t going to talk about that since it’s for the people you support. Very mud sling-y if you ask me. And I will reiterate what people above had said. This campus is not a democratic one. Our campus safety sports Blue Lives Matter masks. This campus allows multiple Trump clubs and prolife clubs. Even lets them have a week where they force propaganda on us with fake cemeteries and ultrasounds. I don’t have to be nice to someone who is clearly against human rights.

  30. I can truly say that as a former Augie student, I am absolutely appalled at most of the reactions to this young lady’s article. There is something deeply wrong in an institution that trains its students to be so intolerant of opposing views. This is probably a problem that starts at the top. If I were a parent of one of the students at Augie, based upon the intolerance I see in the responses to Maddie’s article, I would pull my kid and refuse to pay the tuition. BTW, President Donald Trump is not a racist. In fact he has done more for people of all races than anyone else I know. Also, President Trump has done more for people of the LGBTQ than any other politician. Don’t believe me, ask Richard Grenell, the first openly gay person to serve as a national security advisor. You people should really be ashamed of yourselves, but unfortunately you won’t be. Sad. Augie used to be a place to be proud of.

  31. It’s one thing to be a feminist who is pro-life for yourself but won’t tell other women what to do with their bodies. It’s another to be someone who is pro-life for everyone and wants to take away a woman’s right to do what she wants with her own body. There is no such thing as a pro-life feminist because feminism is about providing women with autonomy and not being told how to live their lives by men. So, no. Feminists will not stand with women who actively want to take away their rights to their body or their rights to anything. Feminists will stand with those who will fight alongside them to gain that autonomy they rightly deserve.

  32. I’ve looked really hard at these comments to try to find something hateful. Really, I have. The backlash here is not hateful, and mostly respectful, going after her beliefs and arguments, rather than her as a person. The only people attacking others’ characters here are those coming to Maddie’s defense.

  33. Boasts about all of their alleged achievements, reveals the remarkable amount of privilege they are experiencing

    claims minority status because it’s trendy

  34. Chile Lemme Cry For You :( Avatar
    Chile Lemme Cry For You 🙁

    Oh no 🙁 a conservative is getting persecuted for something she can’t change… exactly how conservatives persecute POC, those who practice nonChristian religions, and the LGBTQ+ community :((((( what a shame

  35. Slavoj Žiźek’s Nervous Ticks Avatar
    Slavoj Žiźek’s Nervous Ticks

    If the Mirror sought her out to write this article, doesn’t that attest to the fact that Augie as an institution has carved out substantial space for conservatives on campus? It’s not like she merely took to twitter to divulge her victim complex to a handful of followers, she was comfortably backed by the institution to disseminate the article campus-wide.

    Also, Brandi, we should meet up so we can discuss your grammar; it’s about as concerning as the fact that you believe “The majority want everyone to prosper as did our founding leaders many years ago!”

  36. As a freshman woman, I had no idea that the campus allowed groups to create a fake cemetery for unborn babies. I believe that everyone should have their own opinions, but I am totally disgusted and I don’t understand why campus would let that happen. I know that does not comply with this article.. but what in the world

  37. It took me awhile to remember who this girl was, then I realized she’s in a class of mine. If you’re reading this, Madison, you don’t need to state your opinions in a negative way and putting others’ opinions down on a Moodle response to a student’s forum. I believe in treating people the way you want to be treated. If you really think advocating on Moodle is going to help, trust me, it’s not. We just want to get the homework done and not worry if someone is out there to make us look stupid. Thanks!

  38. In response to the comment made by duggersd… you said “DOnaLd TruMP is Not A RACIst” I have one word for you, “shut up” Donald Trump has done nothing for the LGBTQ community. Since Trump took office he has sought to reverse healthcare protections for transgender people, Moved to ban transgender people from serving in the military, eliminated rules protecting transgender students and pushed to allow businesses to turn away gay and transgender customers if they seek a religious exemption. Should I keep going? Of course, 11/19 trumps administration announced that taxpayer-funded adoption agencies can use “religious beliefs” as an excuse to deny placement of children in LGBTQ+ homes.

    If you want a source: look up human rights campaign

    And stop trying to sugar code the word minority by using other definitions to justify Maddie’s, use of the term. Minority in her case was not used appropriately, it simply discredits the countless problems BIPOC (Black Indigenous People Of Color) students face on campus. She is a privileged white woman, maybe if she acknowledged her privilege before using the word minority, it would have been less disrespectful, but again, still would have not been recommended. Also, the word minority should not be used anymore to describe those who are minorities. The word that should be used is BIPOC, POC, or even marginalized groups.

    You wanna talk about BLM riots? Should we do a quick history lesson on the Black on Wall Street? What happened then? I don’t think no one wants to go that route.

    I absolutely do not condone the hate threats that Maddie is receiving, but understand that she put this on the campus newspaper…doing that, your subjected to the educational criticism you’re receiving.

    VOTE November 3rd people.

  39. What a bunch of triggered libtard snowflakes!

  40. Isn’t Maddie the triggered conservative snowflake for writing the article lmao? Go back to 4chan

  41. Kaitlin Bennet of AU

  42. Auggie has gone off the rails!! What kind of crazy Liberal Wingbats is this supposed Christian university letting in. The comments on this site are exactly why you uniformed, biased, and intolerant folks are a minority in this state. Once you graduate with your Gender Studies degree please move to California or New York where your lunacy will be tollerated and celebrated.

  43. Sooo, Augie shouldn’t let people in who aren’t christian? Also, augie doesn’t offer a gender studies degree. Please leave this comment section.

  44. careful everyone, if we oppress madison any more, she might land a cross-country speaking tour with turning point or the “network of enlightened women.”

  45. It’s no wonder our country is falling apart….read all of these comments. Hatred, absolutes on “tolerance.” What a laugh. Leave it to anyone on the Left, it’s their way or you are pure hate. Get real.

    Does anyone else notice that “shut up” is two words and not one? Libtards

  46. Maddie was asked what it is like for HER…. the biggest problem now is…. everybody else thinks their “feelings and opinion” matters.

  47. CEO of Cuckolds Inc. Avatar
    CEO of Cuckolds Inc.

    What a laugh. Leave it to anyone on the Right, it’s their way or you are a Libtard. Get real.

  48. It says a whole lot of you people to use a term that is implying the r-word. You people are rude, mean, and vile but except us to be kind and courteous. You people are something else😂

  49. Libtard

  50. Get off anonymous and say it with your chest bud😘 You want to hide behind a screen and spew b.s because you don’t want people to know that you’re a shitty person to the bone. I simply can’t relate.

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