Lund on her softball season

Name: Abbie Lund, Senior

Hometown: Waterloo, Iowa

Sport: Softball

Position: Outfield

How long have you played softball?

I’ve played softball forever. My dad is a big baseball guy. I started playing T-ball as a first grader. I’ve been playing for a long time.

How has practice changed this fall?

The huge difference is that we have to wear masks during practice and at lift. We have to wear them when we are up to bat and baserunning. In the outfield, they let us take them off because we are far away from each other. And we no longer huddle together super close.

What are the ups and downs?

We are lucky that we play a sport that is not super close contact. This is the best situation we could’ve had. We could not practice as a team with coaches until [the second week] in September, so we missed out on a couple weeks of coaching. We have had to quarantine half the team. There were a few days when there would only be four to seven girls at practice. We lift together, practice together and study together, so usually if one person is affected by COVID-19, a good amount of the team probably will be. 

Has the team spirit dwindled or grown?

As a team, we have been very considerate about COVID-19. We have agreed to stay very responsible, watch who we are hanging with and keep our masks on. We really want a season, and our team has been very committed to that, which we are very proud of. Every individual has the team in mind.

What may happen if there is not change by spring?

At our practices every day we just assume that we are going to have a season, and we are going to practice like we are having a season. We are also not flying down south this year. We are driving [if the season continues like planned.] 

How have you dealt with not being able to compete?

The only games that have been canceled this season are fall games with USD and SDSU. They are not conference games. Last spring, we all got sent home immediately. We were in Florida driving home when our whole season got called off. It was so sad. We were so excited for the season. When I was at home, the way that our team dealt with it was by doing a lot of Zoom and FaceTime calls together. We tried to communicate as much as we normally would. It was just a lot of making sure we kept our friendship strong. None of our games getting canceled [this fall] have affected us that much, which we are lucky to say for softball.

Have the changes altered your future plans?

Yes, I am taking a fifth year next year [in spring 2021] because our season got canceled. I rearranged my plans for medical school. It has changed my future. For me, it was a no brainer: I want more seasons. I didn’t think twice about taking the fifth one.

How do you envision the spring season if it happens?

I just can’t wait to be back on the field with my teammates again. I am so pumped. It is going to be awesome. Everyday we talk about that at practice. “Practice like we are going to be playing. Practice like it. We want to be our best team when we go out there again. Just keep going.”

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