PBR: Classic sitcoms to watch in lockdown

Staying indoors has some perks, like being able to lounge around in sweatpants all day and watch heaps of TV. The downside, however, might be that you are running out of new and original things to watch, so you are about to commit to rewatching one of the classic (probably mid-2000s) TV shows that you’ve already rewatched six times. And while it might be more productive if I dedicated this article to reviewing new series for you to watch, I decided I would just rank the old series from worst to best to help you decide which old TV show you should invest even more time in. 

10. “Friends”

I’m sick of this show. Jennifer Aniston has accomplished so much more with her life — but y’all are still caught up on this. Screaming “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” is not a personality trait, nor is constantly singing Phoebe’s bad songs. 

9. “The Office”

Someone has to say it: This show is the most overrated of them all. However, it fairs better than “Friends” because I actually find the humor funny; it’s just so overplayed I can’t enjoy it to its fullest potential. This show is the equivalent of when a pop singer comes out with a new single and the radio plays it every hour for six months and it builds up to a point where your ears bleed at the first couple seconds of the intro. Additionally, people who rewatch “The Office” more than six times are probably going to be serial killers. There just has to be a point where you let it go.

8. “How I Met Your Mother”

Seriously, did anyone else get annoyed that he was taking so long to meet the mother?

7. “Parks and Recreation”

This ranks lower because, similar to “The Office,” it can be way overplayed. However, there is no denying the absolute revolution the characters of Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson produced. The overall message of the show is positive and sweet, too. And never forget where Chris Pratt got his start.

6. “Arrested Development”

I’ll be honest, I’ve never watched this entirely through, but it ranks better on my list because it hasn’t been overly popularized like the others. It’s more subtle, like the taste of a lemon drop in a sponge cake. Also, I just really miss Michael Cera. I hope he’s OK.

5. “Golden Girls”

When this show was in its prime, we were too young to understand the genius of fiesty old women. This was Betty White in her prime, a pioneering savage for women everywhere. If you are looking for something a little spicy to add to your list, look no further. 

4. “Seinfeld”

I will die on the hill that “Seinfeld” does not get the attention it deserves. Jerry Seinfeld isn’t the funniest person alive, but the other characters in that show make it a chaotic zoo of entertainment. Kramer is one of sitcom’s best character inventions. And unlike many sitcoms, Jerry Seinfeld actually lives within his means.

4. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

I definitely watched episodes of this show at too young an age. The content is the most adult of all the others, but you’re lying if you say this isn’t one of the best comedies out there. I used to find Dee and Charlie some of the most annoying characters to ever exist, but now I love watching them brawl on screen. Even more, I love Danny DeVito coming in to save the day.

3. “New Girl”

Zooey Deschanel. Lighthearted love and arrogant men. Quirky humor. What else do you need?

2. “That ‘70s Show”

This is a classic that doesn’t get old. I can’t describe it, but the show makes me nostalgic for a time when I wasn’t even alive. The cast, just a bunch of misfits at the time, have all grown into successful people who are known for other things now, instead of permanently being pigeonholed as “that one character.” These teenagers are the dream — arguing with their parents and smoking weed in the basement.

1. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

I knew how revolutionary this show was even when I was watching reruns at 7 a.m. before school at the age of eight. This show balanced the hardships with the insanity and produced the most memorable characters and best-known theme song. This show deserves all the clout, and when you finish watching it all, you can do TikTok dances to The Carlton dance to get some exercise in.

Obviously, this is my hot take on classic TV shows. If you religiously watch any of them, especially the ones I ranked lower, please understand that I don’t hate you — I just don’t understand.

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