How do I find a job after the pandemic? 5 tips for graduating seniors

As a fellow terrified college senior, I understand the plight of job hunting during a pandemic and economic recession. “No one is hiring! What is the point?” you may cry. Well, have I got some tips for you (as a result of scouring the internet). Read on to discover five things that will help you during these uncertain times. 

1. Network online.

Now is the time to be reaching out. Start actually using your LinkedIn. Make Zoom coffee plans with that professional in your field you always intended to reach out to but keep forgetting to. Practice interviewing online with your friends or professors. If you recently interviewed for a position, don’t forget to send a thank you — whether that be physical or electronic. Things like these make lasting, positive impressions on employers so you’ll be in the back of their minds when a more favorable hiring time does roll around.

2. Do your research. 

If you’ve got your eye on a specific company, take this time to read up on it. Reach out to people who work there and ask how their roles have evolved during the pandemic. Have they laid anyone off? What types of projects have they been releasing? Follow them on social media to keep up with them. You’ll be more well-versed when it’s time for an interview. 

3. Improve your skills. 

If you’re feeling pressure to be productive, why not hone your skills? Read up on macroeconomics, practice a new painting technique or finally get that Google analytics certification. Whatever you can use to beef up your resume is going to help you in the future. If you don’t have the time now, make a list of things to work on this summer. 

4. Brand yourself. 

Revamp your LinkedIn, your resume and your website! Figure out what story your professional materials tell and decide if they align with who you really are and the message you wish to send to employers. Did you do anything to boost your professional prowess? If so, be sure to add that to your materials. Giving everything a fresh look will make you pop as a potential hire. 

5. Keep applying. 

Don’t lose hope. Keep grinding and applying for those positions. It may be discouraging, but the world won’t be like this forever. Keep your eye on the market and turn on alerts for new positions. Search locally and in your dream city. And don’t forget, the Student Success Center is always there to lend a hand. 

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