ASA elections, campaigns to be held online

The Augustana Student Association (ASA) recently announced its plans for this year’s ASA spring elections, which will look slightly different than previous elections due to COVID-19.

The schedule for the election process was announced by senator and Election Commissioner Carly Rahn during ASA’s April 14 meeting. Declarations of candidacy are due April 17. Campaigning will start on April 21, and the debate will be held on April 23. Finally, voting will take place on April 29 and 30.

Once a candidate declares to run, they will have to submit a petition with 100 student signatures to be eligible to campaign. Because students aren’t on campus, they will be allowed to get signatures online.

Candidates’ campaigning will primarily take place through social media. This has been a major way of communication in the past, but it will be more important this year, according to Rahn. Additionally, student support of candidates will primarily be through social media.

The debate will be held via a Zoom meeting. Students can watch the debate live, but a recording will also be available afterward.

Voting will be held online, which is how it’s been in recent years.

Rahn said that although this election will look different than expected, she thinks “it will be the same in initiative and enthusiasm” as years past.

“The environment on campus during a spring election cannot be replaced online,” Rahn said. “But students will still be able to participate in the spring elections with the same capacity as prior years thanks to the advantages and connectedness of social media.”

ASA President Luca Amayo and Vice President Audrey Cope did not respond to emails asking for comment sent Wednesday, April 15.

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