Mental health more important than good grades

What seemed so easy to obtain in high school now overwhelms students with cold sweats and bad dreams. Late nights, tears and caffeine teeter us to the edge of insanity. Screw a study break, Biochem won’t pass itself. Even after a solid week of studying, what seemed like an attainable A- becomes the dreaded C-, or worse, a D.

Self-confidence is thrown out the window along with a good GPA.

I can’t help but glance over my peer’s shoulder and notice their shining grades written in red pen. I look back down at mine and see a world of disappointment. 

I know most of us can’t help our perfectionist tendencies — yes I’m talking to you Virgos; however, our grades really shouldn’t outweigh our mental health. Efforts placed solely on top-notch academics pick away at the activities needed to improve our quality of life.

Trying to make the status quo only creates more stress, and what comes from stress?

An easier question is “what doesn’t?” Higher rates of stress are already known to increase anxiety and depression. It weakens our immune system, therefore making it easier to become sick. According to Psychology Today, stress is the number one culprit for impeding academic performance and persistence. So stressing over physics is only making yourself dumber, dummy. 

Self-confidence and a calm mind will improve a student’s performance. If you are feeling overwhelmed, talk to your professor. I know their names have “Dr.” attached to it and yes, they can be intimidating, but they were once in your shoes.

“But what if I don’t get into grad school?” Well did you know that the University of Wyoming has a 97 percent acceptance rate? If you can’t get into Harvard try the Western Frontier. But seriously, as long as you pass, there should be a program out there for you (quit shooting for Ivy Leagues anyway, they are overpriced elitist cults).  

Stop asking your peers what they got on their tests and start saying the grade you want to get next. Set goals that better yourself and don’t focus on being better than others.

Understand we are all failures. If the biggest failure you obtain in life is a crappy grade on an Econ test then congrats, you’ve made a good life for yourself. I hate to go into cliches, but college is what you make it; don’t make it a burden. 

Remember in the end you’re here to learn. Allow yourself the time to absorb those ideas. It is a real privilege to receive higher education; don’t spend it on tears and tantrums.

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