Writing Center’s pen ranks No. 1 in free pens at Augustana

If there is one thing college students love, it’s a free pen. Everyone who has ever been a student knows the importance of a great pen. A great FREE pen. Therein lies the rub. Which is the best? What makes a pen amazing? Where do I find this marvelous creation? I searched far and wide (aka every building at Augustana University) in search of the perfect pen. I was looking for a pen with ergonomic comfort, incredible ink opacity and overall visual appeal — and it had to be free. 

After scouring the campus for two weeks, bothering dozens of staff members and wasting countless sheets of paper, I finally managed to whittle it down to three of the best free pens on campus. 

3.) Mikkelsen Library

Ink Opacity Score: 4/5

Ergonomic Comfort: 2/5

Visual Appeal: 0/5

Final Score: 6/10

At first glance, this pen may not seem like much, yet upon closer inspection I found a wonderful surprise. Not only do you get a pen, but you also get a highlighter. However, I must say, this pen is not as easy to use as it first appeared to be. The cushion is extremely bulky and writing with this feels about as awkward as a first kiss. As for visuals, it’s gray and pretty boring. This pen makes Seattle look sunny.

2.) Student Success Center

Ink Opacity Score: 3/5

Ergonomic Comfort: 0/5

Visual Appeal: 4/5

Final Score: 7/10

This pen is far better when it comes to visual appeal. It has a bright yellow cap and white base, a welcome change to the gray tragedy of the library pen. It also includes a bonus highlighter. That being said, the ink is not as dark or opaque as the other highlighter-pen. This pen is also single handedly the most uncomfortable creation ever used for writing. After about 30 seconds of using this pen, I felt I had developed a premature onset of carpal tunnel.

1.) Writing Center

Ink Opacity Score: 4/5

Ergonomic Comfort: 5/5

Visual Appeal: 5/5

Final Score: 9/10

I could write sonnets about all the ways in which this pen is fire. The ink opacity is perfect, and it is easy to write with. The pen felt like it is crafted specifically for my oddly sized hands, and it is so comfortable I felt like I could rewrite the entirety of the Declaration of Independence without a single break. Not only that, this pen is a bright orange and black combo with spiral detailing on the cushion. This pen is the most attractive of all.

It’s no surprise that the best pen I found was the at Augustana Writing Center — it’s not like they specialize in writing or anything. It hit all of the correct requirements that I was looking for in a pen. The next time you are in the market for a new pen, but unfortunately have the budget of a broke college student, head over to the writing center and tell them Sophie sent you.

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