Adorable dorms: How to turn a ‘boxy’ room into home



There is a common stereotype surrounding  dorm rooms: they are bland and boring. So being the curious people we are, we asked random students what their top tips and tricks are for making their dorm feel like home. 

Our first tip is to turn those unflattering fluorescent lights into a thing of the past. Many people enjoy hanging varying lights  from the ceiling, the walls or even under lofts.

“The lights make the room feel more like a home and less like a boxy dorm,” sophomore Anna Rose said. Her lights are strung along the ceiling.

 Our second customizable tip is to find a theme and stick to it. Remember, you cannot  turn a dorm into a home unless you make it your own. Coordination gives your dorm the cute factor. Freshman Rachel Kimsal shares a dorm with her twin sister Shannon. 

“Shannon and I always like to coordinate our stuff, but still have it be slightly different from each other to show each of our personalities,” Rachel said. Their cozy desks display  pictures of friends, family and happy times. 

For tip number three, remember that there is no place like home. Many people become homesick and forget to think about themselves while away at college.  Junior Hailey Nold brought some of her home with her to her dorm. Simple items such as an adorable chair and beautiful pictures of friends and family remind her of  her home and herself. 

“My reading corner is my favorite because it reminds me to take a second for myself and surround myself with the things I love,” Nold said. 

Our final fresh tip comes from senior Madigan Moore. She said that it might be a good idea to buy air fresheners—we can all benefit from that. 

Whether a freshman or a senior, anyone can learn from these tips. Bring lights, bring your own scheme, bring home, and make it your new home. Although the constraints of the room limit your space, do not let it limit the possibilities of what you can turn it into. 


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