Incoming freshman has admission revoked for shooting threat

An incoming Augustana freshman had their admission revoked after making a shooting threat over text message earlier this month.

The text messages were obtained by the Augustana Mirror and showed the incoming freshman was part of a group chat named “Megakota,” and said “I’m shooting everybody at Augustana!” and “I had enough.” The student left the group chat after admission was revoked.

The messages were reported to the Dean of Students office, where staffers, Campus Safety and authorities from the incoming student’s hometown immediately began an investigation, according to an email sent Thursday to Augustana students from the Dean of Students, Mark Blackburn.

Upon investigation, no immediate threat was found, according to the email.

“This was a joke that went bad for this student,” Blackburn said. “And unfortunately, we had to go our separate ways.”

The text messages were sent in early August and the incoming student was not in Sioux Falls at the time.

“Augustana is extremely grateful to the students who reported this incident so we were able to act immediately,” the email said. “The university takes reports seriously and investigates all matters.”

School officials are unable to release the student’s name or age, citing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, according to the Argus Leader.

If charges are pressed against the individual, it will be at either the state or local level, Blackburn said. The university will not press charges directly.


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