The inside scoop: SuFu ice cream ranked

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Ice cream—it answers every question a college student could possibly have. Are you stressed because you haven’t found a job or an internship? Ice cream. Did you break up with your significant other? Ice cream. What’s that—you’ve worked on homework for a solid 30 minutes, cruised through Twitter for 20 minutes and decided you’re a little bit peckish? You should probably get some ice cream.

But where should you go? To make your decision easier, I traversed the city in search of the best ice cream in Sioux Falls. I divided the guide into Bourgeois Ice Cream ($4 and up) and Plebeian Ice Cream (<$4).

I judge the establishments on their ice cream’s consistency, taste, flavor options (as well as their chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors) and prices. I also tried a few flavors from each place to give you a recommendation.

Plebian (<$4)

First, the ice cream for the plebs (aka the ice cream you’re probably going to cry into after getting a D on that biochem final despite studying 16 hours).

3. Dairy Queen

Consistency: Light and milky. Soft serve is hard to mess up.

Taste: Strong flavor with customizable options for Blizzards. Plus, DQ comes out with a new one each month, so that’s pretty dope. I know I love an excuse to get ice cream once a month.

Flavors: DQ doesn’t have a strawberry. It put the flavoring and coloring into its soft serve when the flavor is asked for. I’d say that its chocolate and vanilla alone are pretty lackluster, so don’t go to DQ for just a lowly twist cone.

Try: The S’mores Blizzard when it comes around each summer. Pick it up on your way to your next bonfire.

2. B&G Milkyway

Consistency: Light and milky—great soft serve.

Taste: Flavor is strong and there are multiple combinations and mix-ins.

Flavors: Strawberry is not crazy flavorful. Chocolate is cocoa powdery (which I personally love). Vanilla tasted pretty classic. The Avalanche alone offers 32 different flavors to choose from.

Try: The California Dreaming Avalanche. Just trust me.

1. Culver’s

Consistency: Custard-y—so thicker than normal ice cream, but not super creamy. Because of this, Culver’s is a great choice.

Taste: Always very flavorful and loaded with toppings. Multiple options to choose from and the Flavor of the Day is usually interesting.

Flavors: Subpar. Like DQ, Culver’s only offers chocolate and vanilla. It only mixes in the flavoring for a concrete mixer or shake. The chocolate wasn’t spectacular and the vanilla was nothing to write home about.

Try: Its Mint Shake. You can ask for it even when it’s not March—and it’s objectively better than McDonald’s hamrock Shake.

Bourgeois (>$4)

Next comes the bourgeoise ice cream—for when finals are done and you’re tryna ball out. Or if you just want to cry into more expensive ice cream.

4. Coldstone Creamery

Consistency: Super creamy and the mix-ins are perfectly distributed. An insane amount of options.

Taste: Creamy, cold, milky goodness. Checks all the boxes.

Flavors: Not only does it have ice cream, but also a few sorbet flavors, for those of you who are dairy-free. Coldstone’s vanilla isn’t anything spectacular, but the chocolate was worthwhile, and the strawberry was exceptional.

Try: The Bumblebee. I get it every single time.

3. Parlour Ice Cream

Consistency: Creamy as heck.

Taste: Pure and flavorful—the truest of ice creams.

Flavors: The vanilla was sweet and salty (the way a true vanilla would be), its chocolate was rich and dark and strawberry was light and tangy. No toppings are offered because the main event is the ice cream itself. However, they have 16 different flavors with a few textured options.

Try: The Apollo—a coffee gelato with cocoa nibs and caramel swirl. Delicious!

2. Boki Gelato

Consistency: Soft and pure. Gelato melts in your mouth but is lighter than ice cream.

Taste: Amazing with such strong flavors!

Flavors: Boki has 24 flavors at its store downtown. I went to the location in the Empire Mall and tasted chocolate amaretto, lemon, and strawberry. The strawberry was the best strawberry I tasted during my research.

Try: The strawberry gelato. It is life-changing, and I don’t say that lightly.

1. Stensland Family Farms

Consistency: The creamiest, thickest ice cream I have ever had.

Taste: Very milky, sometimes more milky than flavorful, which is disappointing.

Flavors: There are 55 different flavors; 22 were available the day I did my research.

Its strawberry was not very flavorful, but the chocolate was excellent. Its vanilla is also to die for.

Everything here comes directly from farm to table, so that makes up for how overpowering some of the milkiness can be.

Try: Razamataz or Honey Lemon Lavender—perfect for when you want to treat yourself on those hot summer days.

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