Late Night Throwback takes students back to childhood

Students stepped into their childhood at the first Late Night Throwback on Saturday night at the Elmen.

Dinosaur nuggets, smiley face fries, friendship bracelets, Wii Sports, hula hoops and games of Lightning greeted them.

Senior Carly Donald, who organized the event, knew from the start that the event would be a hit because it was “different than the status quo.”

It was the first time that the Elmen had integrated virtual sports, such as the Wii, into its Late Nights. Donald thinks it will catch on because it keeps students active.

Not only did the event include intense games of Mario Kart, it also featured cutthroat games of Musical Chairs.

Sophomore Eiler Merkle, a participant in Musical Chairs, offered a strategic piece of advice for the game.

“The trick to winning Musical Chairs is stealing the chair,” he said.

Sophomore Zach Buchholtz did this when he threw his whole body across the last remaining chair, ultimately stealing the chair and the win.

Buchholtz humbly noted on his win with, “When it comes down to it, when you lose, you’re a loser. We strive for the dub.”

While Buchholtz and about 40 other students were fighting over chairs, others were enjoying throwback food. The line for the dinosaur nuggets and smiley fries was roughly 30 people deep at any given time.

Donald said over 250 people attended in just one hour into the event. The average for late night events is around 200.

Whether this was due to the ongoing games of Four Square, the multiple craft stations, the rainbow parachute, Airheads or the Pac-Man arcade game, students left smiling and feeling like kids.

Junior Janet Guerrero said, “It took me back to the best days of my childhood.”



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