Jordan Peele continues to unnerve with new horror film ‘Us’

Released on March 22, Us is one of the best horror films I have seen. Director of Get Out, Jordan Peele continues his horror career with a movie that made me understand why people love thrillers. From the delightfully spooky music composed by Michael Abels to the marvelous acting from the whole cast, it really is hard to pick a favorite part.

Us tells a story about the Wilson family who is on vacation at their mother’s, Adelaide (played by Lupita Nyong’o) beachfront, childhood home. Adelaide, whose frightening childhood creeps back to haunt her, must also fight off the doppelgangers of her family who show up to terrorize them. The story shows the family trying to work together to figure out how to survive their violent-mirrored characters and learn where they came from.

Us offers a thrilling experience that you cannot find in other horror films. The talented cast really gets the opportunity to flex their acting chops by getting to play both versions of their characters. They do a great job of displaying a normal everyday family while also playing some of the most terrifying monsters horror has to offer. Everything from the facial expressions, the noises they make and the way they speak creates an atmosphere that would make even the most courageous feel fear rise inside them.

Director Jordan Peele’s Us  premiered on Mar. 22. Photo from

Us had some of the best acting of recent movies and it was hard to choose a favorite, but Lupita Nyong’o definitely stood out. She has this way of being able to be a relatable and reasonable person in her role as Adelaide, but is also able to really shine in her role as the frightful Red. The polarizing roles really allow Nyong’o to showcase her ability to transfer herself into whatever role comes her way particularly when she is playing the only two characters on the screen at once.

Many movies today have forgettable soundtracks that the audience ignores, but Us is different. The music was amazing. The emotion and thrilling feeling that comes from each note is amazing. The music assists the film in making the audience feel the ever-increasing suspense and keeps the audience on edge. The particular songs “Anthem” and “Pas De Deux” are some of the best songs written in the modern era of movies. Michael Abels has made a name for himself, and I am excited to see the next project he works on.

The blues and jazz writer has proven that he has so much to offer, particularly in the horror genre. Abels’s background in African music allows him to find sound that will likely be new and different to most Americans and create his own genuinely unique sound.

The imagery and meaning in Us are amazing and, like Jordan Peele’s last movie Get Out, there is always more than meets the eye. From the jumpsuits the monsters wear to the props that Peele presents in plain view, there is a lot to see in every scene. Many of the things you see at first may not seem significant  but over time you learn to appreciate all the movie has to offer. Personally, after seeing what other people have thought about the film and debating some of the theories I have considered, I am excited to go for a second viewing to see what other easter eggs Peele placed throughout the movie.

Us is definitely the best movie of 2019 so far. It is a funny, scary and horrifying film that is bound to please everyone in the audience. I highly recommend you see this movie.

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