Letter to the editor: ASA Senator endorses Amayo and Cope

To the Editor,

During this ASA presidential election one pair of candidates stands out above the rest—Luca Amayo and Audrey Cope.

Luca and Audrey come from different cultures, religious backgrounds, and political ideologies; however, these two candidates share an unsurpassed passion for Augustana. As a fellow senator on the Augustana Student Association, I witness this passion at every meeting as these two fight on behalf of their fellow students.

The Augustana community would not be the same without Audrey and Luca.

Audrey was one of the first people I met on campus. Immediately, I knew she was a leader who cared deeply about the people around her. I met Luca at the first ASA meeting of the year. He impressed me with his articulate comments, each of which had a purpose. He was not seeking to advance his personal interests, but rather he wanted to know how each action taken by the Senate would affect the student body as a whole.

Out of all the candidates in this election, Luca and Audrey will best advocate for the entirety of campus because they themselves are found everywhere on campus. To go along with their vast student group involvement, both of these candidates already are working outside of ASA to better Augustana alongside administration.

Luca is a board member of the sustainability initiative and Audrey is on the Enrollment and Strategic Scholarships committee for the Augie 2030 Vision campaign. I cannot begin to list everything else they touch on campus; however, if these two are not involved in your activity or your student group, know that they want to hear from you. They want to know your story because they recognize that each student has a unique voice and a unique purpose on this campus.

I urge my fellow Augustana students to vote for Luca Amayo and Audrey Cope for ASA President and Vice President—the BOLD choice for Augustana.


Sheldon Jensen

ASA Freshman Senator

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