New group on campus seeks to help low-income kids

Many of us may overlook having access to the most basic of amenities.  

The stuff we may take for granted, like school supplies or medicine, are the very things some families cannot afford.

If parents cannot afford to provide a healthy life through medicine and solid education with the supplies needed to succeed for their children, their kids may not be able to have a sustainable future. At the very least, it puts the starting line for those kids way behind others. These families need attention now more than ever.  

There is a new club on Augustana’s campus looking to combat these issues.

The Love Humanity club seeks to supply children with all the school supplies and medication needed to help with their learning and success.

According to the founder of Love Humanity, Khatera Sadat, the club’s goal is fundraising to help low-income families and providing educational materials for kids in Sioux Falls.

With such a humane cause, Sadat wants to see the club grow and says they need more members to make a difference.

While Love Humanity hopes to get started as soon as possible, they are short of the required number of participants to have the club recognized.

Currently, they have four members and need ten to get the club officially recognized. Club leaders said they will welcome anyone who is willing to help make a difference.

Love Humanity will likely feature campaigns and fundraising events. The group will collaboratively decide what to do for fundraising events, so if a great idea comes up, and you are interested in the group, all the more reason to join.

Sadat said while the group is focused on helping children in Sioux Falls, they hope to one day help fundraise for kids all over the country, and, possibly, the world. The group hopes to be impactful in shaping the future generation, with all contributions going to those in need.

Meetings for the club have not been scheduled yet, as once again they are still awaiting more members.

The club seems like a great way to expand not only a resume but also your skills in teamwork and charity. So, if you want to help make an impact in your community, the U.S. or possibly the world, this club is the one for you.

If you are seeking more information about the group or are interested in joining, contact Khatera Sadat at and she will answer any questions you might have.


Isaac Meyer
Issac is a junior journalism major from Austin, Minnesota.



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