A fourth of freshman class switches to new meal plan

Last year, Campus Life and Sodexo decided that along with renovating the Huddle and Siverson lounge they would transform the university’s meal plans and offer students two new options along with the unlimited plan: the 75 meals-a-year plan and the 15 meals-a-week plan.

A fourth of all freshman students switched from the unlimited plan to the 15 meals-a-week plan, according to Corey Kopp, director of Campus Life.

Kopp said Campus Life only tracked the number of freshmen that switched from the unlimited plan to the “15” plan because, originally, the unlimited plan was that class’s only option.

“Ultimately, Augustana always wants to improve, and provide the best for our students,” Kopp said. “And the meal plan needed to match that, so we decided to create a meal plan that can account for any type of student here.”

The “15” plan allows students two meals every day of the week with one remaining along with 325 flex dollars to spend throughout the semester in the Huddle and concessions stands at athletic events.

The unlimited plan offers unlimited meals but only 125 flex dollars.

Both plans cost the same amount: $2,190 for the academic year.

 Freshman Dylan Larsen said he switched to the 15 plan because he likes the flexibility of eating in both the Huddle and the Ordal Dining Hall but wishes that the flex dollars could be stretched further.

“I wish that you could use the dining dollars for the vending machines,” Larsen said.

Sheldon Jensen, a freshman ASA senator on the housing and dining committee, explained that the meal plan alterations were a communal effort.

“Starting way back in August, we would meet up about this project,” Jensen said. “[ASA and Campus Life] took a considerable amount of time to find the best local supporters and food services that we felt best represented Augustana’s values.”

Larsen said the Huddle’s renovation was for the better and looks forward to the coffee kiosk in the Siverson to ease traffic in the Huddle.

Kopp said he thinks more people are using the Huddle and that Campus Life has received overall good feedback on the renovations.

Sheldon said students can talk to ASA or Campus Life if they have any feedback or concerns about the renovations and meal plan alterations.

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