ASA Nov. 13 meeting minutes

Provided by the Augustana Student Association

ASA Meeting Brief
November 13, 2018
Augustana Student Association

ASA Meeting Brief – November 13, 2018

Mark Hecht of Recreational Services visited to discuss priorities for the planned Student Union Project. Hecht said the number one priority is improved weight-room and cardio equipment, along with ample space for students. According to numbers tracked by Rec Services, usage of cardio equipment at the Elmen Center increased 40 percent since 2010. In a 2015 spring semester survey provided by Hecht, 56 percent and 54 of students expressed a desire for better cardio and weight-room equipment respectively.

Other priorities for Rec Services include a climbing wall, an aerobics room and more overall gym space. 48 percent of students voiced interest in a climbing wall in the same 2015 survey. Current aerobics programs are held in the Back Alley, which causes scheduling and space conflicts according to Hecht. More gym space and basketball courts would allow to accommodate for the needs of athletics programs, intramurals and recreation.

The senate approved the constitution of the Augustana Writer’s Guild, represented at the meeting by Guild President freshman Megan Simonich. The Guild aims to better the writing of its members through sustained practice and community support. Any student interested in creative writing can join the guild, regardless of area of study.

$260 was allocated from the Leadership Development Fund to the Biology Club. The money will fund four Augustana students’ food and transportation costs for the Autumn Immunology Conference. The students will present research done at Augustana, as well as attend conferences with aspiring scientists and experts.

During new business, International Senator sophomore Luca Amayo brought forth the idea of reevaluating ASA’s constitutional budgeting, specifically the percent allocated to UBG. Currently, ASA’s constitution deems that UBG receives a percentage of the budget at the beginning of the year. Amayo said reworking the percentage UBG receives might help the senate’s ability to fund other clubs. ASA amends the constitution in the spring semester.

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