Augie Fem writes letters to Christine Blasey Ford


Four days after Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn into the Supreme Court on Oct. 6, Augie Feminists gathered in the Halverson Room to discuss their reactions and write letters to Christine Blasey Ford,  the University of Palo Alto professor who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault. In their letters, they thanked Ford for testifying.

“Kavanaugh becoming a Supreme Court Justice is very scary,” co-president of Augie Feminists, Stacie Soderstrom said. “It’s hard to be positive, but I’m trying to be. To me, peace is the right to have dignity over one’s own body, the right to have a voice and the ability to take personal struggles and use them to pursue global reconciliation, and I really think that’s what Dr. Ford did. She didn’t do it for herself, she did it for the American people. And like she said, it was her civic duty to do so. I can’t thank her enough for being our pursuer of peace.”

Photos by Jessica Ruf.

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