Viking Vogue returns with greenhouse fashion


My favorite time of year is upon us—the two weeks of glorious fall weather in South Dakota before it suddenly turns to winter for the next six months. This is the perfect time to rock those cute, cozy sweaters and autumnal outfits without having to cover them up with a heavy winter coat.

For my first edition of Viking Vogue this year, I’ve decided to look for clothes somewhere different, instead of opting for a downtown boutique like I usually do.

Recently, a friend suggested that I check out Janie B’s Boutique by Cliff Avenue Greenhouse.

While excited to try something new, it seemed like a stretch of the mind that a greenhouse of all places would have a fashionable selection of clothing, or any clothing at all for that matter. What type of clothing would there be among soil, succulents and trees?

However, I was delighted to see an expansive clothing selection that didn’t consist simply of gardening gloves and an apron. To my surprise, there was a diverse selection with something for everyone. Whether you’re a money-conscious, fashion-forward enthusiast or a sophisticated businesswoman with a pocketbook ready to treat herself, Cliff Avenue Greenhouse has something for everyone.


Liz’s first outfit, featuring a cream-colored sweater with bell sleeves and olive green culotte-style overalls. Photo by Beau Bordewyk.

The first outfit I pieced together has the perfect mixture of soft and girly touches along with relaxed, olive-green overall pants that add a “farmer’s market feel” to the ensemble. The overall pants ($54.99) are a heavier material, which is sure to keep you nice and cozy on your walk to class as the air gets crisper.

The wide leg culotte-style pant is still trending well into fall and what’s unique about this pair is that it adds a bit of distressing on the bottom to create a worn-in look.

My favorite part about this outfit is by far the cream-colored sweater ($63.19). It has the softest knit material that I’m sure will make any cold day a bit more bearable. The best part of the sweater is its fun bell sleeves which add a funky flare to what would otherwise be a pretty simple staple sweater.

Liz’s second pick—a soft blush dress with lace-up detailing on long bell sleeves. Photo by Beau Bordewyk.

The second outfit is a blush pink dress ($42.99) with tie details on the long sleeve. Its blush color is perennially on-trend and can be worn during many seasons—it is definitely a color that can easily be worn in both fall and spring. I like pieces that are not totally seasonally specific, because they keep your wardrobe options wide open year round.

This dress has the fun bell sleeve detail just as the sweater from the first outfit. The piece is simple, comfy and can be made either casual or dressy.

Before you default to the mall for your next fall look, try out Cliff Avenue Greenhouse. You might be surprised what you find.

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