Freshman students share thoughts on first weeks at Augustana



Adjusting to a new way of life can be tricky, especially when most freshmen live without air conditioning, but the class of 2022 appears equipped for the year.

The Augustana Mirror interviewed three freshmen to gain perspective on how they’ve become accustomed to campus life.

Alexa Lammers, an art major and Bergsaker resident, said: “I’m kind of excited just to see where my journey takes me. There’s a lot of things to be involved in and a lot of stuff to do.”

As the school year begins, new students have become engaged in classes.

Lammers has enjoyed her courses so far and said that her professors have been very welcoming and understanding.

John Walker, a government and economics double major living in Solberg, explained his experience with the college courses and how they differed from high school classes.

“There’s a lot more on you to do the work, but I also feel like the professors are open enough to talk with you and address you personally,” Walker said. “You can have actual conversations with them.”

As for adapting to the college lifestyle, some students have not found the transition too difficult.

Madyson Brown, a communications disorders major and Solberg resident, noted that making friends on her dorm floor, in classes and at work at the campus daycare have subsided her nerves.

“It’s nice to always have people to talk to, so I’m not alone and thinking about home,” Brown said.

Other students don’t have to worry too much about missing home.

“Well, I’m from Sioux Falls,” Walker said. “[But] I do feel a lot more independent, even though it’s in the same area.”

As freshmen settle in, many are looking to the future.

Brown says she intends to travel abroad, while Walker shared his excitement for Viking Days. Needless to say, the class of 2022 is geared up for the 2018-2019 year at Augustana University.

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