ANGLES: UBG Big Event: is it worth the time and money?

Big Event gives students stress relief before finals week.


When this year’s Big Event performer, Parmalee, was announced, many students’ first reaction was, “Who?” Some people (including myself) were disappointed that a higher profile band was not performing instead. 

However, when you think about it, in all its years at Augustana, the UBG Big Event has never really been about bringing a huge star to campus.

Most of the musicians who have headlined in the past few years have been either very up-and-coming bands or has-beens, due to Augie’s location in the literal middle of nowhere.

The biggest name to have performed at the Big Event in recent years was Macklemore, but one could argue that he only came to Sioux Falls because he was scheduled before “Thrift Shop,” his first big hit, really grew in popularity and made him a household name. 

Jesse McCartney, last year’s Big Event headliner, was a Disney Channel heartthrob and every tween girl’s crush about fifteen years ago, but now he would probably becategorized as a has-been.

Although he showcased a few of his new songs in his performance, what the crowd wanted to hear the most was “Beautiful Soul,” a song that was originally released in 2004.

Those who perform at Augustana’s Big Event have hardly ever been relevant. So if the Big Event has never been about bringing a huge star to campus, what is it about? 

It’s about giving students a fun event to look forward to during a stressful time of year and giving them an opportunity to support their school at the same time. 

The UBG Big Event offers students an opportunity to support Augie in a fun way. 

Plus, it is able to do so at an affordable price. 

Not every concert offers Augustana students a chance to come together and dance and sing while also supporting their school. 

Dancing and singing at an affordable concert can also be a good stress reliever during finals. The end of the school year is always stressful. 

With students studying for exams, writing essays, applying for jobs and scrambling to finish every assignment, students need something that can help them relax during these very hectic weeks.

As long as the end of the school year gives students stress, it is nice for them to have an event to look forward to as respite from their busy lives. 

That’s where the Big Event comes in. 

The Big Event offers students an opportunity to forget their stress for a little while by going to a fun concert. Plus, it offers them that opportunity while also providing them with a chance to support the Augie community. 

Although it is not likely that the Big Event will host major artists and give students a Beychella-like experience, the event allows students to be exposed to new music. 

Not to mention the fact that the concert is cheaper than many other events that students could go to instead. It is also one of few big concerts happening right here in Sioux Falls.

Overall, the Big Event is about relaxing during the stressful end of the year and supporting the Augustana community, which are two things that are always relevant—even when the artists that come are not. 

Kaatje Weiland is a sophomore journalism major from Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.


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