Stop the snow day blues, shop spring


The perfect solution to the snow day blues is retail therapy (please send help to my wallet or stop the snow—I cannot carry on like this). 

On my last stop for this year’s Viking Vogue, I popped into Lot 2029 to see what their take on the most popular spring and summer trends is. 

image9 (1)

Lot 2029 opened its doors in Bismarck, N.D. in June 2011, and has since expanded to Fargo, N.D. and Sioux Falls in 2014. 

I picked out two outfits that really caught my eye and exemplify the best of the spring and summer trends for 2018. 

First, I dressed sophomore Destiny Pinder-Buckley in an outfit that works for both your summer internship and a night on the town afterward. This outfit combination hits many of the trends for this spring and summer.

The blazer ($53) has a windowpane pattern, which has been seen down many runways this spring. 

The red tank top ($27) underneath with the scalloped hem (another huge trend!) adds a fantastic pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit, without stealing the show. 

The wicker purse ($30) has been raved about by fashion influencers and boutiques alike. They are getting a lot of buzz for a good reason—they’re a fun point of interest for your summer outfits! They come in a range of sizes and shapes, so you can find a purse in this trend that fits you best. 

My favorite part about Destiny’s outfit is the culotte pants ($58). They have a wide leg and a high-rise waist, making them flattering on a range of body types—and they are far more comfortable than jeans! These pants had not even hit the sales floor when we stopped by the boutique, so they’re the newest of new at Lot 2029. 

image14 (3).pngFor my outfit, I wanted to find something that showed the other end of the dressy spectrum in the store. I was looking for the perfect outfit for that mid-summer wedding or date night. 

When I picked up this piece, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not a dress, but a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits have been showing up all over stores, and for a good reason. The neutral tones, like the burgundy of this $55 jumpsuit, are the big color palette trend for 2018. Add the floral pattern and the wide-brimmed hat (also found at Lot 2029), and you have the perfect look for those warm summer nights. 

Support your local businesses by popping into Lot 2029 on Phillips Avenue to see these featured trends and many more—they’re getting more shipments of clothing in every day! 


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