Smirror: Snapchat update breaks hearts and streaks


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Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. Facebook.  These four social media apps lived in harmony, then everything changed when Snapchat came out with the new update.  

Snapchat changed its original format since its release in November 2012 and many users were outraged to find their apps had updated.  

The format confused everyone.

Streaks were lost, unwanted stories moved to the top of the Most Recent and the Most Recent conversations dropped to the bottom.

I was upset about the update and the first thing I did was angrily tweet at Snapchat about it.

I lost a three-hundred-day streak because the conversation was pushed down so far because of the stories that were filtering in and out of my Most Recents shunned them away. 

I also never watch stories. I don’t care about stories—I never have and never will care. When they were on their own separate page, I just watched the stories I wanted to watch and ignored the others because I have over 400 people on my snap and I only care about what 30 of my Snap friends are doing.  

I don’t want to watch every story that pops up on my screen.  

Now I have to see all these stories emerge and push my conversations down further.  

On top of that, I have to put extra effort into checking to see if I’ve been left on read or not. 

I have to scroll all the way down and squint my eyes to see if the arrow is filled or open.

 I want to know if my friends (a.k.a. the hot guys that I am messaging) ignored me or not because, clearly, all I do with my time is message people and complain about unwanted updates.

Another problem that has arisen with this new update is that the older generation has more problems figuring out how to use Snapchat. 

Some parents on Snapchat were having problems trying to figure out filters and such before, but with the new format, both the younger and older generations are struggling. If young users are having problems with the new update, then older users will find the app ever more difficult. 

I’m sick of telling my mom that she did not, in fact, accidently delete her conversations and that Snapchat’s new update just moved them to the bottom for her.

Snapchat said “Updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in.”  

I go by the saying, “Why fix what’s not broken?”  I don’t know why Snapchat decided to come out with this cumbersome update, but clearly, people are distressed by it.  

Because of the numbers of people upset by this update, why won’t Snapchat go back to the original layout? There are enough things I have to worry about and I don’t want my lost streaks to be one of them.

It may be a bit petty to be unsettled about such a little thing when there are much bigger problems in the world.  However, I have been pettier for way dumber things and I am not about to stop my streak now.  

I’ve already lost enough streaks as it is.


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