Gossip Girl’s Fashion stays relevant a decade after the show’s premiere



Gossip Girl celebrated its 10th anniversary on Tuesday, Sept. 19. What better way to pay homage to one of the most fashionable teen dramas of all times, than to remember the series’ iconic fall styles which, believe it or not, still hold up to this day. 


The importance of a good coat

Full disclosure: I never really watched Gossip Girl, but the impact it had on my older sister and her entire generation did not escape me, especially in regards to fashion. 

gossip girl

When it comes to the long cold seasons here in Sioux Falls, a good coat is not optional; it is a number one wardrobe priority. 

Although the Gossip Girl gang lived in New York City’s Upper East Side, it is obvious that they gave their fall wardrobe the importance it deserved, based off of the countless coats they paraded around in, . Blair, Serena, Jenny, Regina and all of the Gossip Girl girls were always seen sporting a wide array of coats, from elegant black chesterfields to colorful and patterned dusters. 

Whichever style preference you may have, make sure to invest in this essential, and do not be afraid to choose a coat that will have people glancing back at you (for all the right reasons of course). 


Thigh high boots

This trend lost its following for a while, but now it is back in full force and I cannot say I am mad about it. 

The Kardashians, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and all of the real-life celebrity “it” girls have been implementing these eye-catching shoes to their street-style outfits, and the rest of the female population has quickly followed suit. 

Gossip Girl’s two leading ladies rocked this look throughout the seasons, but it was Serena who pulled it off so well. The boots fit as if they were made just for her. 

If this trend is a little bit out of your comfort zone, start with a knee-high pair in black and wear it with jeans. You cannot really go wrong with that combo. If this is right up your alley, then make sure to try all of the styles and materials they come in, like suede, leather and even plastic. 


When it is cold, tights are a must

Given how cold it gets around here, I would not be surprised if most of Augustana girls already wear tights. What  I am proposing has nothing to do with plain colored tights. Gossip Girl made a name for itself when it came to these feminine leg warmers, particularly colorful, elegant and attention-grabbing patterns that everyday people would never think to wear. 

Although I am not asking you to wear tights with every color of the rainbow, I am 

challenging you to Gossip Girl up your tights and add some discrete patterns and color to these must-have fall pieces. Whether you wear basic black tights or opt for a yellow floral pattern, never forget, “tights are not pants.” Blair gave Gossip Girl audiences this important piece of advice back in season two and the smart ones made sure to remember it.


A dress to impress

There is no question about it -the most memorable Gossip Girl outfits have always been the protagonists’ gorgeous dresses. Because of the countless balls and parties they attended, the Upper East Side elites were always wearing jaw-dropping dresses that made audiences envious. 

Most were millionaires after all, which meant that designer dresses were everyday clothing for them, and they did not let us forget it. Some of the most iconic dresses in the show have to be both of the leading ladies’ wedding gowns -simply breathtaking. 

None of us will be sporting dresses of that caliber around campus, but make an active effort to set aside those worn out jeans once in awhile and instead decide on a cute dress. At the moment, mid-length or long-sleeved dresses with dark floral patterns are incredibly trendy. Sweater dresses, the perfect combination of comfortable and warm, are also in, (and if they have cutouts, then even better).


Although we do not get to watch Serena and Blair live their glamorous lives on our TV screens anymore, their trend setting fashion is something which an entire generation holds dear. The fact that their style lives on 10 years after the show’s premiere says plenty about how revolutionary the show was. Whether it was the plot, the characters, the actors, the fashion, or the drama, you know you will always love Gossip Girl.


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