Layers and patterns arise as the weather changes


If you love dressing up, I am willing to bet you love fall, too. The season’s “in-between” weather allows for a large array of outfit options, depending on how cold or hot the day turns out to be. Fall 2017 is no exception, with trends that will satisfy the taste of every single fashion lover.


Fall colors: red, brown and orange

Red, without a doubt, is this fall’s official color. And not just any red, but that of Snow White’s venomous apple. No matter what it is, a blouse, a handbag, or a pair of boots, if it’s red, you’ll be styling one of the latests trends. If you want to take it up a notch, try the red on red look directly out of fashion week. 

Fashion designers seem to have taken inspiration from the trees during fall season; all shades of brown and orange are also in style. If red attracts too much unwanted attention, you have these two colors to fall back on.


Fall patterns: dark florals and plaid

fall fashion

Florals is one of those patterns that is a part of everyone’s wardrobe, but this time designers focused on the dark florals. All shades of black, and the dark equivalent of all colors, is fair game, with a contrast of colorful flowers over them. These patterns can be used anywhere, but they are specially popular in dresses of all lengths and sizes. 

Plaid will forever be a beloved part of fall fashion, but every year designers bring it back with a new and refreshing twist. This time plaid is quite literally twisted, with tie and knot details being what it takes to bring any outfit to the next level. No matter the placement, whether it be on the sleeves, the back or even the collar of a shirt, ties and knots are sure to make others wonder where you got that cute new shirt from.




Staple Pieces: standout sweaters, sock boots and wide leg jeans.

It is that time of year again, when your closet seems smaller because of all the cardigans, long sleeve shirts and, most importantly, sweaters that you can finally take out of storage. Fall would never be complete without cozy sweaters to keep us all warm, but this year, get out of your comfort zone and go for those that stand out in the crowd. Buy one with a huge bow on the back, or on the front if you’re feeling bold. Buy one with a deep V-neck in the back, in the front or both. Take the tie-and-knot trend to crazy town and pick a sweater with the most details, and while you are at it have, every single one be a different color of the rainbow. Whatever you choose, make that sweater stand out, and balance your outfit out by having your pants, shoes, makeup and hair be as simple and monochrome as possible. 

Sock Boots aren’t anything new, but the trend started up again when Kanye gave them a spotlight in his fashion collection. The next week everyone had to have them, and they have come in all colors and sizes ever since.

Wide leg pants shows how far fashion has come since the 2000’s skinny jeans craze. Although they mostly look good when worn by tall women, if you own a pair of heels you are good to go. This type of pant is popular in the streets, and no fashion forward individual can go without it. Not only is it comfortable, but it is miles away from the idea that you need to wear tight clothes to look attractive. For all of the tall girls out there, try them with Converse and Vans, they are currently everyone’s favorite combination. 


Whether you go for a red coat or sock boots, don’t worry if you receive shocked glances across campus, everyone’s bound to be surprised by what’s new. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to teach them what it takes to win at fall fashion.  

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