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What’s new for fall fashion


Although recent fall fashion collections from Gucci to Prada may be outside the fiscal range of college students, this spring students can take fashion tips from the trends on display and adopt these styles into any wardrobe.

The hottest trend of the new fall collections is rich fabrics, particularly velvets. Inspired by the late Prince and David Bowie, traditional styles have been rendered in more flowing fabrics than traditional cloth.

These velvets have largely come in saturated jewel-tones and metallics. For students looking to wear these styles, a low cost velvet tee or loose-fitting long-sleeve in velvet can be a versatile and inexpensive addition. For those with a bit more to spend, velvet coats can be a bold statement bound to turn heads.

If velvet isn’t your style, other less common fabrics are seeing their day in the sun. Furs and lace have been used in numerous designs, and a nice faux-fur coat is perfect for the sudden cold snaps of the Midwest.

For a cheaper option, a nice top with simple lace detailing can be used frequently, while still keeping on-trend.

For the more business-oriented, pantsuit nation has made its way to the fashion world. Sleek-cut pantsuits in a variety of colors dotted the runways of Milan and New York City, breaking from the traditional blacks and grays. While a power red is a common option, shelling out for a well-made suit in purple or green can give a high-power, high-impact effect to a look.

If full pantsuits are too bold or spendy, paring down to a simple blazer can also keep with trend. But don’t opt for the slim cuts of the pantsuit—a single blazer should aim for a longer silhouette. Paired with lighter and looser pieces, a well-structured oversize blazer can provide a hard edge to finish a look.

Other options to keep a fashionable edge while moving toward looser, flowing clothing is the inclusion of bold colors. A bright red is always a sure choice, but this season sees a renewed focus on the jewel-tones made popular by Prince and Bowie. Purples are, unsurprisingly, well represented among the newest collections, but a great array of emerald greens and bold blues are also making their debut.

Womenswear has also brought back florals—groundbreaking, I know—but in bolder and more complete patterns. Typical fall florals are subdued and muted, in line with the season, but design houses have opted for more lively florals that cover entire outfits.

Repeating a trend from last fall, plaids are still a strong choice for both men and women. ‘70s inspired large block prints are being reinterpreted and updated into modern, fashionable versions. Since a good plaid can always be in style, picking up a few pieces now can pay off for years to come.

Even if you can’t afford designer brands, taking inspiration from the trends and motifs on display on the runway will keep anyone’s outfit looking fresh.


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