Bose SoundSport headphones made with athletes in mind


SoundSport headphones bring comfort to the gym



Most people agree that they could use a trip to the gym more often than not. Lifting weights, running on the treadmill and doing endless amounts of crunches and pushups can get tedious at times. Luckily, the chore of going to the gym is made slightly more bearable with a good playlist.

Unfortunately, headphones tend to easily suffer from wear and tear after repeated workouts. But now there’s a product that fixes this problem by offering a better quality and design that’s made for sweating it out in the weight room. The Bose SoundSport headphones won’t fall out, get caught on clothing or degrade due to sweat.

They’re headphones made with athletes in mind.

Most people opt for standard headphones that come with their Apple products. There’s nothing wrong with these, but, when working out, they often get caught and easily fall out.

The SoundSport headphones are designed for movement, from the earbud coverings to their stability in the ear. The comfort tip of the headphones ensures a snug fit that won’t fall out, while the wing extensions grip the ear and hold fast through even the most abrupt movements.

One of SoundSport’s best design features is the behind-the-neck short cord. This cord eliminates the annoyance of accidentally pulling the headphone cords while exercising.

The headphones’ Bluetooth capability also gets rid of the need to plug headphones directly into a phone or iPod, allowing for freer motion.

The main concern with Bluetooth is sound quality, a defect that’s arguably present with the SoundSport. The headphones let noise in relatively easily, making music harder to hear in noisy environments.

On the plus side, the SoundSport headphones are weatherproof. The earbuds can take moisture or roughhousing without losing the sharp sound Bose is known for.

Though the headphones are designed with working out in mind, they can also be used in a variety of situations, from studying to canceling out noises in the dorms while sleeping.

The SoundSport headphones retail for $149.95, a high price for headphones. But, given the sound quality and durability, the headphones are worth purchasing, even if it’s just to make the gym a little more enjoyable.

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