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Origin of Evil: a spirited horror throwback



The rules of the game are simple: Never play alone, never play in a graveyard and always say goodbye. Follow these three rules and one can communicate with the spirit world through the Ouija board.

Ouija: Origin of Evil was released in theaters on Oct. 21, and the horror film fan base has been raving about it ever since. A prequel to the movie Ouija that came out in 2014, Origin of Evil had a 75-percent higher critic rating than the original, polling at 82 percent favorability on Rotten Tomatoes.

Origin of Evil is about a family that runs a scam fortune-telling business. A widowed mother is struggling to support her two kids after her husband died in a drunk-driving accident. When the mother buys an Ouija board as a prop for her business, she discovers her youngest daughter’s ability to talk to the spirit world through the game.

The film takes place in the 1970s, which presents a different dynamic than a modern-day horror film. The lack of technology in the film is a key factor to the plot. Cell phones are noticeably absent. Often one of the biggest downfalls in horror movies are mobile phones, as they leave the audience wondering why the characters simply don’t call for help.

I didn’t see the original Ouija movie, but it’s not necessary to enjoy the prequel, Origin of Evil. The plot begins to head in one direction until it swerves you down another road.  Right from the opening scene, a compelling moment during a

fortune reading foreshadows later events.

Child actress Lulu Wilson, who plays Doris, does an unbelievable job in  the role of stereotypical creepy little girl. She is the main character in the movie and has the best performance out of the entire cast.  

The spirits in the house use Doris as a vessel to speak to the living. The belief is that she is channeling her dead father into fortune readings, but when you find out what spirit is possessing Doris, it’s a mind-blowing moment.

The only complaint I had is the ending. Apparently, after the credits there is a big twist that changes the entire ending of the film, although the credits suggest the movie is finished. I didn’t know this until after I left the theater.

ouija-origin-of-evil-timesOrigin of Evil is nearing the end of its run in theaters after premiering three weeks ago. But if you have the chance, I would recommend viewing it in theaters to experience the surround sound and larger screen that intensifies the terrifying spirits.

This movie may also require some clarification afterward. Once I got home, I had to do a Google search and read a couple links before fully understanding the ending. Unless the audience goes back and watches it again, some of the plot factors are difficult to grasp in just one viewing.

I didn’t like the idea of having to stay after the credits, but that didn’t take away from the strong plot and twisted ending that makes this movie a must-see for avid horror movie fans.

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