Homecoming 2016 is on its way

Get to know 2016’s Viking royalty

Compiled by Erin Mairose


Adam Guthmiller

“It’s an honor to be voted into homecoming royalty. It’s also fun because I’m voted in with two of my roommates, Dan and Alex.”


Katie Romano

“I love the energy on campus, from the parade to the alumni—just to see how much Augustana still means to so many people.”


Kiri Jacobsen

“The week of homecoming is really important and special to me because I think it’s one of the key things left at Augustana that really shows our heritage.”


Alex Guggenberger

“For me it has to do with the fact that these traditions go back so many years. Especially these sweaters. Like, you’re wearing history right now.”


Mason VanEssen

“Whether it’s the students, administration, the faculty, the alumni, the community— everyone that makes Augustana great comes together in one week of celebration.”


Chase Marso

“As a football player, that aspect of homecoming culminating in the football game on Saturday is obviously a huge part, but, in a more general sense, homecoming epitomizes the tradition and culture of Augustana.”


Jensen Goodell

“I’m super excited for Valley Hill. I’ve seen them perform before and they do a good job of getting the crowd energized.”


Dusty Dvorak

“I’ve always loved college football, [especially] the game on Saturday.  You wake up early in the morning, kind of just hang out, grill some hotdogs and tailgate [while] getting ready for the game. I really enjoy doing that a lot.”


  Jasmin Fosheim

“[With] being a senior and it being our last year of celebration together, it has become more meaningful and we really have to savor every second of it, which we’ll definitely be able to do as royalty candidates.”


 Nicole Grinager

“I really like float building, just [the process of] getting ready to show school spirit and how everyone is so proud of all the different organizations they’re in.”


 Dan Schmidtman

“My favorite event of the year is always the pancake feed on saturday morning. What better way to celebrate with people than with pancakes and sharing a meal together [before] going to the parade?”


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